Kath finds Beer

Beer that I’ve tried over my travels that I have liked and didn’t like are listed below…

Beer I like:

Cobra Beer Tyskie BeerTennents LagerAurum

Beers I will drink but not go out of my way for:

Beer I don’t like:

7 Responses to Kath finds Beer

  1. Dad says:

    Need’s an update ….

  2. Andrew says:

    Paulaner Munchen Beer – Yuk ?!?!?!!

    Sigh, maybe only to the unsophisticated beer drinker!

    How’s the trip going, sorry I haven’t been in touch more, but it looks like you’re having an amazing time (the map of Scotland is impressively covered!).

    Thanks also for the postcard!

  3. Jo Patterson says:

    How’s the old Tennents Extra tasting these days?

    • kathcatch says:

      Gotta love Tennents – Its the best!! Shame they don’t do tours around their brewery here in Glasgow. Hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year! What are the plans for 2010??

  4. John C says:

    You are starting to try beers I hav enot heard of. A very good range in the blog now. Can you list the country that makes the beer as well as the taste test.

  5. Matt Edwards says:

    Don’t agree with some of your verdicts! Particularly Pelforth Brune (Very Good) and Staropramen (Absolute Crap)!

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