12 January – Day Three of the Dopey Challenge – Half Marathon

Well it was a little harder to get out of bed on this morning, we made the 3am bus and made it to the start area with loads of time. We were dressed as Captain America (me) and Iron Man (Cindy).

That morning we had our photos with Mickey, Dopey AND Donald. The start line was about 1km away from the stage area, we were in Corral F (and for the marathon), the amount of people in the corrals was insane. I’m glad I wasn’t in the last corral H. Thankfully, it was much warmer this morning, but still cool with the breeze.

They had better fireworks at the start line this morning, but when it was our turn to go, they didn’t really work… so the group who went after us got double the fireworks. Sigh! Thankfully though we didn’t have to wait ages to start, only half an hour after the first runner started. The one thing that is hard for me is not the early mornings, but the early mornings and then having to wait like 3.5 hours until you can actually start running.

Anyways, we were off. It was annoying having many walkers all over the road, but thankfully the road was wide but we did alot of weeving. We were going quite fast to begin with but Cindy was happy to keep going until 3km to start pacing. We ran well, stopping for water at the breaks. We made it to Magic Kingdom at Mile 5 (around the 8km mark) and slowed down to get a number of photos throughout the park. At this point we very much had warmed up and weren’t looking forward to the sun coming up. This race had many supporters that jumped on buses/monorail to get around that were cheering everyone on, they were great, some of theirsigns were funny. There were many character stops up to this point but queues were big, so we kept going.

From Magic Kingdom to Epcot, not much exciting happened but the sun came up and it was quite warm. At this point the road had thinned out alot and was very pleasant to run. My ankles and knees were a little stiff but okay.

There were two character stops right at the end, but I didn’t even know who they were…. but there lines were very short. At this point, I wanted to finish… so we kept going.

We finished strongly, I beat my PB by 20+ minutes which I was very happy with. Instead of foil blankets at the end, they had cool, wet towels – these were nice for about 2 minutes but it was only 14 degrees (Celsius) and with a slight breeze, you did cool down quickly. Our medal is nice and larger than the 5km and 10km medal. We stretched for a bit before getting on the bus back to the resort.

We sat on the bus for a while, by the time we got to our stop – we were stiff, cold old ladies. We had nice hot baths, which I then stretched again, rollered and then put my long compression pants on. We had some cereal before being interrupted by housekeeping… Cindy asked her to come back later as we were going to have a sleep. We napped for about an hour and half until just after midday. We were getting ready to go out and get food, when another knock… the nice housekeeping lady was back and Cindy was like, give us 2 minutes and we’ll be out. When we left, she had disappeared…

We went to one of the restaurants for lunch, they said 20 minutes for a table and we said okay and went to concierge to book a table for another restaurant for dinner that night. It took awhile to get served by concierge, so the restaurant texted to say our table was ready. So I went back to get the table while Cindy continued talking to the guy at concierge. Didn’t get the reservation as Cindy needed a credit card but I had walked off with the wallet, apparently our magic band wasn’t enough. Which is odd because we can charge things to our account no problem with the magic band. Cindy found that she could reserve a table on the Disney app, so that was good.

Anyways, lunch was great. I treated myself to a beer. Hydration purposes of course. Service was extremely slow but the food made the wait worthwhile. Cindy had calamari and I had a burger and waffle fries, we shared the meals and polished both off.

We went back to our room and the housekeeper hadn’t been in the 2 hours we were out. So we hung out in the room until she came and then we went and sat outside in the fresh air for half an hour. Cindy then went to see if she had left and she had. So that is where we spent the remaining afternoon… snacking on cake and chips and dip while watching Harry Potter 7a.

Dinner was at 6pm and we slowly walked back to the restaurant area. We saw 5 squirrels and 5 Turtles tnat evening. We shared a nice pasta dish and 3 small tacos. After dinner we then went to bed early.

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