11 January – Day 2 of Dopey Challenge – 10km

After sleeping through the night, the alarm went off again at 2:30am.

We got ready, today we were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We were in singlets, short tights – upside, it was going to be warmer than the day before but it was still really cold outside. Thankfully, we had our foil blankets to try and keep us warm.

We got on our bus, walked to the main stage and lined up to get our photo with Mickey! After that we decided to try get a photo with Pluto as well. We had enough time for the 2 pictures and for me to go to the toilet in a portaloo. Thankfully it was clean still, probably helps that these toilets have a small urinal in there too so men don’t have to go all over the seat.

We were in Corral D, they had Corrals A-F today. However, we think less people in each Corral. When we got close to the start line, we took our foil blankets off and threw them to the side. We got off about 25 minutes after the first runner started.

We went out on to the road to begin the run, it took me to about the 4-5km mark to actually warm up. They had a number of Characters along the way but same as yesterday – massive queues. I liked running on the main roads better than in the park because the roads are so wide. After a while we went back into Epcot and ran around the world showcase area, the course started to thin out quite a bit towards the end so was quite pleasant.

We went quite fast today again, yesterday we ended up doing 7 minute kms. We ended up doing 6:30 minute kms today. We did a time around 1hr 6 mins. Cindy will be pacing us tomorrow so we don’t go too hard and be too exhausted for the marathon.

After the race, we picked up our Minnie Mouse medal, food pack, foil blankets and had our photo. We got straight on the bus today which was nice. I was hungry so ate some of my food from the free pack.

We had our showers and then had our morning sleep and started on Harry Potter movie number 3.

Cindy started investigating options for our lunch…. but nothing took our fancy, so we decided we’d just go and see what took our fancy at Disney Springs once there.

We had a walk around Disney Springs and went into a few shops, we ended up getting a pizza and some garlic knots (small little garlic bread balls) for lunch… it was okay. We went back to the resort, had some Mickey cake and then grabbed some water, snacks and quirkle and headed to the pool area to find some sun to sit and play.

After a few hours where we won a game each, we headed back to the room. We watched some more Harry Potter until dinner where we went to one of the restaurants at the resort. We got a pasta dish and a roast chicken dish to share. The chicken turned out to be half a chicken and the pasta was just some yummy pasta with a simple tomato based sauce. Simple but filled us up. We headed back to the room and we are now watching Harry Potter 5 with an early night planned. The buses start half an hour earlier tomorrow so we will be up slightly earlier and on the bus by 3am!

Until next time.

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