9 January

So, I’m alive. Not much voice, but, alive.

Although we haven’t been sleeping great, our respective medication is starting to work and I’m feeling better than yesterday so I’m hoping that I’m on the mend.
Today is Expo day, where we pick up our race bibs and buy cool merch! Before we headed to the expo, Cindy went to get milk for our cereal, some more throat lozenges for me. She saw our tour lady handing out the after party tickets for Sunday night and had to wait ages for them, so by the time she got back to the room, there was no time for cereal…
We ubered to the expo and we were in the second wave allowed in when the doors opened. We knew our running shirts we would pick up later would be long sleeved, so we picked up some tshirts and jackets and some other items and came out with a large bag and a lighter credit card (or should I say heavier)… so we then picked up our bibs and free shirts. Sickness be damned… we now have to finish all these damn races to be able to wear all this cool merch!
We got the bus back to the resort and shared a mexican pork/rice lunch, which was tasty and filling for us both. We went back to our room so I could rest a little and have more medicine.
We headed to the bus stop after a little while and just missed the bus so we sat in the sun and waited 20 minutes or so for the bus to take us to our last theme for our holiday… Disney World’s Hollywood Studio.
We were in the park in no time and Cindy spotted her novelty popcorn container she wanted but it was in Christmas theme. It is the little alken from Toy Story that goes “the claaawww…”
We didn’t have a fast pass for a bit so we queued 110 minutes for the Toy Story Slinky Dog Rollercoaster… it was an awesome ride but not sure if it was worth the wait.
We got out of slinky and went straight to Toy Story Mania, we had a fast pass for this ride so got to go straight in with not too much wait. This was a shooting game… Cindy and I were neck and neck until the bonus round and then she beat me.
After this ride, we went on a movie ride that spoke of Walt Disney’s history and how his legacy was built. This was good.
After this ride we headed to our second fastpass – Rock ‘n’ Roll Rollercoaster. We still had to queue in the fastpass line but we got on there in okay time. The ride was awesome, Disney’s best rollercoaster. I would have liked to do this twice but I didn’t have patience to go wait in the normal line for ages.
We zoomed off to the other side of the park to watch a Indiana Jones stunt show. This was okay… some bits were quite fake but others were pretty impressive.
After this show it was medication time!
Cindy noticed they cancelled our last fastpass for the tower of terror… I wasn’t too upset as this ride scares me. We did it in Tokyo (both times) and I never liked them. So we used our remaining fastpass to get into the nightshow first.
We shared a small pizza and salad for dinner before heading into the arena for the night show where I’m currently typing this on Cindy’s phone to kill some time…
Tomorrow js the start of our Dopey Challenge. Buses start at 3:00am with the race starting at 5:30am. We start with a 5km, which we will be taking easy and will be dressed as cute little Mickey Mouse’s.

The night show was pretty boring, they relied on video way too much and less on lights, lasers or fireworks.

We are back at the resort and hope to go to sleep for a few hours.

Wish us luck!

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1 Response to 9 January

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Good luck ladies! We’ll be cheering you on! Looking forward to seeing the photos! ☺️💖🏃‍♀️🏃🐭🐀🖱️🏅

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