8 January 2019 – Disney (Epcot)

After a bit of a long unsettled sleep our alarm had us up and out of the hotel earlier than our bodies would have liked.

Kath has been on a downhill slope with this sickness. We had reservations for cake decorating at Disney Springs. Turns out that you can’t get a shuttle to Disney Springs before 10am, so we ended up getting an Uber there. We arrived early and wandered around until it started. We were two of the first ones in.

As it was a cake decorating class and not a cake making class, the cake itself was already made and frosted for us (thankfully cause we hadn’t made a dome cake before let along frosted one). We were responsible for applying the mirror glaze (something I have been wanting to trial for a while), painting the white chocolate Mickey ears, tails and buttons.

It was a pretty good class and the staff were fantastic. Our cake certainly turned out the best in the class. Our cake was displayed in the sales cabinet which was pretty exciting to see. They then boxed up our cakes and gave us some other treats and we left.

We got the bus back to the hotel and went via the hotel convenience store and luckily found some cold and flu tablets and cough syrup. We then took our cake back to our room and put it in the fridge.

After a bit of a rest in the hotel and some meds, we headed out to Epcot. We were fairly hungry not really having had much for breakfast aside from an apple. We went to the China Pavillion and had some pot stickers (dumplings) and beef stirfry. It was delicious!

We went on the Three Cavaliers boat ride which was an indoor boat ride that Kath ended up sleeping through.

We had some fast passes booked and our first was for Spaceship Earth. This was a slow moving ride inside the giant Epcot ball (looks like a golf ball) which essentially went through the history of communication. There were a few breakdowns during the ride, but nothing too concerning.

We then went to Mission: Space for our next fastpass. This one had me very nervous as they kept going on about if you are unsure about riding you shouldn’t ride. There are 4 people loaded into a row of seats for this and 2 people from our bailed, which then made me even more nervous. We were strapped into the seats with chest harnesses then tipped a bit foward with a big screen that came over our heads. There were a lot of vomit bags in the ride car as well. Anyways we “took off in the spaceship” and it ended up being fine. I didn’t feel upwell from the ride.

We then went next door to our TestTrack Fastpass. This ride had you “design” a car then test it on the track and compare it to the group that you were paired with. The issue with this was on the first screen our computer screen froze so we werent actually able to design our car so we were issued with a standard car. You then board a car and the car is taken through a number of different tests the final being a big loop around a test track it was pretty fun.

The last ride we went on was called Soarin, where you are “in a paraglider” and travel around the world. That ride was okay.

We then went for some dinner in Japan and got a Japanese Curry which was delicious.

Kath’s cough hadn’t been getting any better so we headed back to the hotel. Kath is currently fast asleep and now we are up to date with the blogs I am off to sleep as well.

Tomorrow is expo day – I am very excited!

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