7 January 2019 – Universal to Disney

We had another slight sleep in Monday morning to try and maximise rest to minimise the impact of this sickness we aquired.

We finished our packing and checked out of Hard Rock Hotel then got an uber to our Disney Hotel Coronado Springs. We tried our luck and checked in, which surprisingly our room was ready for check in at 8.30am! We were over the moon that our room was ready and that we could check straight in. We found our room, which is really very large with 2 Queen beds. We unpacked all of our stuff then headed out to the bus stop to head to Magic Kingdom. I’m going to assume that most people don’t know which park is which… Magic Kingdom is the one with the castle.

Because our hotel resort is so large here there are actually 4 bus stops across the resort. We have a bus stop fairly close to us. So we went to the bus stop and didn’t have to wait too long before the Magic Kingdom bus arrived.

The bus ride was fairly uneventful though we did go past Epcot and we could see the start of the set up of the start/finish area for the runs! When we arrived at Magic Kingdom we had to get our bag inspected and pass through metal detectors (same as Universal). We had a fast pass booked for 10.40, so we decided to head in that direction. The first fastpass was for Space Mountain. We walked around in the ‘Tomorrowland’ area until it was our fastpass time. We got into the queue without any issues. I was in the very front of the little car we were in. It was an indoor rollercoaster but in a tiny spacecraft type cart. It was pitch black inside and you couldn’t see anything but it was heaps of fun.

After that ride we went to on the People Mover which was a slow sort of trolley ride which took you around Tomorrowland but up high, we then went to the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. The show was quite funny as they zoomed in on people in thr crowd and asked them questions etc. I was also chosen and then they laughed at the fact Kath and I were in matching shirts.

After that we headed over to ‘Frontierland’ where we went on Splash Mountain. Splash Mountain is another sort of water ride like the Log Ride at Dreamworld. We then had a fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain. I quite enjoyed that little rollercoaster but Kath wasn’t a huge fan. That completed our trio of Mountains at Magic Kingdom.

We went on The Pirates of the Caribbean river ride which was a bit boring, but good for little kids.

We rushed to the Main Street area to watch the Fantasy Parade, which was pretty impressive and had huge floats with all different Disney characters on it. We then went to our next fastpass which was the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride. This was one of Kath’s favourite rides. The animatronics in there were great and the carriages rocked which made it pretty fun.

We went for a wander to another area which had another tiny rollercoaster but before the ride we shared a Mickey shaped pretzel and a Mickey shaped icecream. The pretzel was a bit average but the icecream was pretty nice.

The rollercoaster was as expected, short but pretty fun. We then got a fastpass for “It’s a small world” ride which was a slow boat ride through different countries.

There was only 1 more ride we wanted to do for the day which was a buzz lightyear one where you “fight” Zurg.

That ride you sat in a spinning car and then used a laser to shoot targets. It was pretty fun and I ended up beating Kath.

We then went back to the Main street and got Mickey’s Kitchen Sink for dinner… which was essentially a sundae in a sink type container. We didn’t find anything during the day that really took our fancy so icecream for dinner seemed like a fairly good option. We had an hour or so wait for the night shows to start. The crowds were rolling in and we were enjoying people watching.

The first nightshow they had was light projections onto the castle which was really awesome, it was amazing the way they did the projections. The second and main show was the big fireworks show. The show really lived up the the hype. It was the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen and went for about 20 mins. The whole show was really great.

At the end of the show we joined the masses trying to leave the park. Luckily we were able to get on one of the first shuttle buses to leave and got back to our resort fairly quickly.

When we returned to our room there was a surprise birthday hamper which was delivered while we were out (something I organised before we arrived for Kath’s birthday). It was some food in a Mickey designed cooler bag. It exceeded my expectations by a mile. I think Kath was pretty surprised.

We watched some of the Clemson vs Alabama game, Clemson won!

We then went to bed as we still were not feeling any better.

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