January 4 – Universal Day 1

We had a bit of a slow morning, had nice sleep-in and then got all our things together. Cindy, gave me one of my presents early as it was for the whole weekend, it was a photo package for Universal- so we got all the ride photos and other photos all for free and some prints as well. Today, We were heading to Universal. But first, Ho took us for a nice breakfast at a restaurant down the road. I had a yummy omelet and Cindy had some eggs.

After breakfast, we headed back to Ho’s house and grabbed our bags and also Meka who was coming for the drive. Ho had cooked more froed rice that morning for Cindy, so we got to take some Fried Rice for later that day.

After saying goodbye to Ho and Meka at Universal Hard Rock Hotel, we check-in. As it was my birthday coming up, they give you a Hard Rock Birthday badge and also a theme park badge. Our rooms weren’t ready, but they gave us our express pass to jump the queues in the parks for our stay. We dropped our bags off with concierge and then picked up our 3 day tickets.

We went off to find our way to the park. The hotel is about a 5-7 minute walk to the parks, but they also do a boat ride. When we got out of the hotel, the boat was there zo we dashed to make it. The boat ride was fun.

We went into Universal’s main park first, we went and picked up my photo paxkage pass. This is essentially a small card with a barcode. A photographer will take a photo of this before they take your photo and then it’s uploaded to your account. If you are on a ride, after the ride, you find your photo and then link it to the account.

We tried to go on the Transformers ride first, after waiting for 10-15 minutes they had to shut the ride down… a little disappointing but plenty of rides. We went on the Mummy ride, this was one of my favourite rides… it’s kind of like our scooby doo ride at movie world but better.

After the Mummy ride, we kept wandering and found the first half of the Wizarding World – Diagon Alley, we didnt stay for long. We jumped on the Men In Black Ride, this was kind of like the Disney Sea Toy Story Ride – you are given a gun and told to zhoot aliens to get points. The ride wasn’t as good as the Toy Story ride as the guns were much hard to line up to hit the alien sensors.

After this ride, we jumped on the Simpsons ride, this was the same as LA… A simulation ride… good but nothing great. After this, we walked into the kiddy area and saw that Sponge Bob and ‘Squidworth’ (I think) were doing nice photos… So Cindy and I lined up and had some photos with them. They were auite funny as I had my Birthday badge on already so they were trying to signal Happy Birthday but failing until sponge bob starts tapping on my badge.

After this, we went into the Animal Actors Show where they have a number of different animals from different movies and tv shows. They had birds, dogs, cats, a pig, otter, skunk, and more.

After the show, we went on the ET ride. This was kind of cool as you had to sit on a bike to help ET get home. After this, we got some photos with ET.

The next ride we went onto was Woody Woodpecker rollercoaster… it’s like a kids rollercoaster … but I love these kind. You go fast enough to be fun, but slow enough to feel safe to put your hands up. Yes I’m a wimp when it comes to Adult Rollercoasters lol… I hang on for dear life when I’m on them.

After this ride, Cindy got a text from the hotel saying our room was ready, so we headed back to the hotel. In good time to, by the time we got to our room, the rain started and some mean looking clouds….we snacked on Ho’s fried rice and ended up resting for an hour in our room before walking back to the park when most of the rain looked like it had past. We took our running jackets, which we assumed were spray jackets.

We went for dinner first before going into the park and shared a huge plate of Nachos and some beer from Margaritaville. Was good but super filling.

When we got to the park we saw that Transformers was back online and did that ride. This was good, but these kinds of rides kind of make you feel sick as you wear 3D glasses and it’s like a moving simulator. Universal use this kind of ride alot but with a different story and maybe a different cart like thing. They are good, but nothing compares to actual rollercoasters.

After Transformers we go back on the Mummy ride. Love this ride.

Cindy wanted to go watch a Horror Makeup show which was half funny / half lame but overall entertaining.

After this, we decide to go get a spot for the night show. I found a good spot with no one around… turns out… it was a wet zone. The show started at 9pm and it was great but wet! The wet zone was wet hahaha! My jacket kept me dry but Cindy’s didn’t.

After the show we headed back to the hotel… we had been feeling a little off all day and being in the rain we didnt want it to become anything so we had some panadol to try combat anything.

We found some washing machines on our floor and did a load off washing and then bringing it back to the room to hang up. Then … bed time.

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