3 January 2019 – NASA

We got up early on Thursday to catch the sunrise at Ormond Beach, which was down the road from where Ho lives. We left at approx 6.45am and was at the beach by 7. We were surprised at how many people were down there all with cameras out to capture the sunrise.

We ran along the beach (eugh sand running!) for 3km then as the sun was rising we headed back up North to head back to the house.

The sunrise was truly magnificent.

After we got back and dressed for the day (shorts and tshirt weather) we had some breakfast then started the long drive to the Kennedy Space Centre.

We arrived at the space centre before lunch, it certainly had an impressive entrance. When you first arrive you there is a giant NASA globe that spins around and then you can see all the rockets in another section. We entered through the prebooked section and headed straight for the bus tour which took you out to the Apollo/Saturn V Centre. There were some really badly behaved children on the bus which was very frustrating especially since they were at least 10+ yrs old!

On the bus tour I saw an alligator out the window near the side of the road. The whole area that the NASA base is on is actually a wildlife reserve as well so they get all kids of wildlife out there.

There was a huge Apollo 8 rocket “hanging” from the roof. The sheer size of it was amazing! We grabbed some lunch from the ‘Moon Cafe’ which was pretty tasty. We watched a film on the first landing on the moon and were also able to see some samples from the moon.

We headed back to the main space centre via bus and then went into the Atlantis shuttle experience exhibit. We went to the IMAX theatre and watched a film called ‘Journey to Space’ which was about the past and current projects NASA has on the go.

We then went to the Atlantis Experience. Here we got to see the Atlantis Shuttle, ride down a tall slide and also go into a simulation ride that is apparently the closest thing to a real shuttle launch. The simulator was heaps of fun and you literally tip back 90 degrees.

After that we went to the gift shop nd saw a Moon Rover, which really looked like the batman vehicle from The Dark Knight Rises.

We were then picked up and went back to Ho’s house where we had Meatloaf for dinner. Meatloaf was really just like mince patties but in a big “loaf”.

Ho took us to Walmart after dinner, there were no odd people there, except perhaps Kath and I getting excited over very large things! We picked up some snacks for the week ahead then went back to the house.

We both slept fairly well that night.

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