2 January 2019 – Orlando

Our flight was delayed from Dallas due to the weather, we finally boarded and were ready to take off when some really inconsiderate person decided to use the toilet.. the captain announced that we couldn’t leave until everyone was seated. That person left the cubicle and then another in their group went in… honestly. Captain makes the same announcement and we were all getting cranky. Finally they came out and I am not even joking, the last person in their party decided they needed to get up to go to the toilet. The captain made the announcement that people need to remain seated as we were now very delayed, the last person was still in the toilet. The flight attendant knocked on the door and pretty much told them to get out and sit down. Eventually they too came out, everyone was very cranky with how inconsiderate this family was.

We eventually got underway, we were nearly an hour late by this point. We were told to expect turbulance for the first hour of our flight. We finally got in the air and there was a bit of turbulance but nothing too bad.

The flight was fairly standard, we got some pretzels and were offered a drink. Then we landed in Orlando.

Much like Vegas, we had to take a monorail between the gate and the bag collection. This was pretty quick and easy.

Despite having priority labels on our bag, it took a while for them to come out. Ho’s friend Bob picked us up from the airport in his massive ute (or as they call them here trucks). It was about an hours drive north from the airport to Ormond Beach where Ho lives. Her house is right on the Halifax River near one of the bridges.

For the first time in our trip we are in tshirts which is really nice and a huge change from Dallas.

We had an amazing home cooked meal of fried rice, chicken, beans and salad for dinner. Then walked down to the Hershey’s Icecream Shop. Kath had a mint icecream and I had vanilla and cookies and cream. They were both delicious.

We then walked back to the house.

Ho has a very cute dog.

We had a fairly early night in anticipation for our big day tomorrow.

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