Christmas Eve

A few things about Vegas that I have noticed…

1. Smoking is very much accepted here

2. Servers don’t expect you to be friendly to them and are surprised when you ask how they are

3. There are so many dogs in hotels, casinos, restaurants and on the streets

4. Drinking is very much expected and accepted here without people going crazy.

5. Children and babies are allowed in Casinos with little ‘seen’ security around but lots of attendants.

6. They say its a quiet time here but its still extremely busy

7. People walk extremely slow, taking up room all over the paths… dawdling without a care in the world…

Today we had a nice sleep in before we got ready to head out to the Atomic Bomb museum which was about a 3km walk. We had our matchy Christmas jumpers on today! We got many comments about our jumpers as we were walking. Ours were the coolest being worn. We stopped for some Brunch along the way, I had Mac & Cheese with Bacon and an apple for a snack. Cindy had BBQ chicken Mac & Cheese and crisps for a snack. It was pretty good – we took our snacks to eat later.

Outside the Strip, it gets quite dodge, dirty and unkept, fair few homeless people. We made it to the museum – we thought it may have been closed down because of the Government shutdown but thankfully it was open. The museum was interesting and gave the history of how the atomic bomb was invented, used, tested throughout WW2 and Cold wars. They had real accounts of workers from the testing sites outside of Vegas and what was interesting was that although locals thought the testing site would ruin tourism to Vegas – people traveled to Vegas just to see the bombs be tested from a distance. We spent a few hours here before heading back to the strip. On the way back one of the homeless guys we had passed earlier in the morning called out to us – “I thought you were twin Sisters earlier, but you’re lovers! God bless!” We weren’t obvious at all, so we had a chuckle from being twins to lovers. Not sisters, not friends but lovers.

When we got back to the strip, we headed to The Venetian and wandered throughout the shops and the fake canals and watched the tourists on their (expensive) Gondola rides. The design of all the casino’s are impressive!

We were early afternoon at this point and stopped at a bar to sit awhile and shared a pizza and some drinks. Turned out it was happy hour – so I got 2 cocktails for the price of 1 and Cindy had 2 half priced Ciders.

We went back to the hotel for some drinks and to call our families for Australian Christmas and to rest our feet. We the headed out to check out Hersheys World and M&Ms World – we bought an alcoholic slushie (sour apple flavour) with extra shots for our walk down the strip where we grabbed some dinner to take back to the hotel.

Tomorrow is Christmas, it will be a different Christmas for us but should be fun :-).

Run: nil

Steps: 23,266

Weather: clear, warm in sun and cool in shade.

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