Saturday 22 December 2018 – Vegas

After our dramas from our trip to get here, we had a decent night sleep and woke by 6am.

We headed out for an 8km run, which from our hotel is down the Strip to the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. It was a chilly 6 degree, so we rugged up, long pants, running shirts, windproof jackets, beanies and gloves. It turns out that the footpath down the Strip are not as quite straight forward as you may thing, there are a lot of over passes (which meant a lot of stairs).

By the first few kms into the run we were warming up, by the time we reached the sign we were nice and warmed up. We took some pictures and then headed back up the Strip on the other side of the road.

When we returned to the hotel, I jumped into a nice warm and deep bath. Kath had a shower as I was being a bath hog.

After we were showered we decided to head north up the Strip to the Neon Sign museum. We thought we would walk so we could stop and grab something to eat. We started by heading through the Cosmopolitan Hotel to the Bellagio Hotel where they had a really cool and huge indoor Christmas display. Further inside they had the worlds largest chocolate fountain.. it was impressive but also not appetising, most of the pools of chocolate had a skin on the surface.

There was nothing that really caught our fancy for breakfast so we made our way outside. We then went into Ceasars Palace, which is a massive casino/hotel/shopping building. The themeing is superb – they also had a section with the ceiling that looked like the sky – it was very trippy.

We ended up finding a food court in Ceasers to have some breakfast – Kath had a bacon and egg crepe, I had a croissant. From there we made our way back outside and continued up the Strip.

It turns out that from our hotel to the Neon Sign Museum is about 8km. The walk up there was pretty interesting, we went past Treasure Island, Venetian and Circus Circus Casinos. We passed a lot more than that, but they were some of the better themed ones from the outside that stood out to me. The Strip seems to have a really distinct tourism bright clean end, then about at the Wynn hotel and North it turns a bit run down. Lots of wedding chapels, run down motels and a lot of places where Elvis ‘did things’.

By the time we arrived at the Neon Sign Museum, the day was fairly warm and we were just in our shirts and jeans. The Neon Sign Museum is as it sounds.. an outdoor museum of the old signs from some of the original casinos/hotels/shops on the Las Vegas Strip. It was quite an interesting museum, we thought it might have been a bit bigger than it was, but it was good none the less.

After the museum we headed back towards the Strip to The Mob Museum. The Mob Museum was very interesting. The museum gave an overview of the rise of the first mobs in Las Vegas and essentially the capture of the different leaders. There was a pretty good movie room where they had sound and light effects. There was lots of information to read and some pretty gruesome pictures too.

We then made our way to the Freemont Street Experience. To me this area was a bit underwhelming. The casinos on this street all seemed a bit of a lower class to the ones we had been into. These were a bit musty and the cigarette smoke certainly was dominant in there. We went into the Golden Nugget Casino (I think that is what it was called) and they had a huge indoor aquarium and an indoor slide which part of the slide actually went through the aquarium which was pretty cool.

This street also had  a lot of buskers, everything from people dancing to a really overweight woman in a wheelchair with a sign that read retired stripper, please help feed me… only in nipple covers and a skirt, there was also a man in just a man-kini… some sights I cannot unsee!

As we were getting pretty tired by this point, we decided to get the bus back down to our hotel. This turned out to be a bit more frustrating than it should have been. We asked the driver if we could but tickets on the bus, and he said yes but must have correct change. We said we did, then he kept saying to us 12 or 16, 12 or 16 but not actually explaining where he wanted us to put the money etc… anyways we eventually ended up with 1 wrong ticket and 1 right ticket. We wanted 2 x 2hour tickets = $12 but you have to pay separately.. we got 1 x 24 hour ticket ($8) and 1 x 2 hour ticket ($6). Kath was very cranky cause the driver was so unhelpful and just didn’t make sense. IF we had a 24 hour (or wanted one) it would have saved us a 8km walk up the strip that morning. Anyways it was only $2 lost, so no big drama.

The bus dropped us near our hotel, so we went straight over the road to the ABC Shop (US convenience store chain) and got some vodka, Sprite, chips and water. We then headed back to the hotel to relax for a bit. We ended up having a few drinks and ate the entire pack of chips (whoops, guess we were hungry since we missed lunch). We then headed back out to Pin-up Pizza, which is meant to be one of the better pizza places on the Strip. Kath had a pepperoni slice and I had a cheese one. The pizza was more like New York style pizza so was huge.

We then headed down the road to the M&M’s store. We love a good M&M’s shop. They had a free movie on one of the floors which we watched. For a free movie it was not too bad. We didn’t buy anything, as we were just having a look. We then went next door to the Coke shop. This was a pretty amazing shop and they have really good merch. Its a shame we aren’t really into Coke as there was some great stuff. This woman insisted that she take our photo, then you took the card to the upstairs photo area and they print it out then try and sell it to you.. they wanted to charge us $30USD for 2 pictures…. umm no thank you (such a waste to print it out before telling you the cost of it).

We then headed back down the street to our hotel. To give you an idea of the nightlife here in Vegas, every second person either has a beer or frozen cocktail in hand, street drinking seems to be not only legal but encouraged by the number of street drink vendors.

We arrived back to our hotel knackered and got ready for bed then went to sleep.

Our stats for Saturday are as follows:

Run – 8km to Vegas sign and back

Steps – 39,312

Weather – clear skies and nice if but slightly cool temps at times.







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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Great update and excellent photos! You are both looking so fit and fabulous! All our love and best wishes for a very Merry Christmas tomorrow 🎄⛄🎅💖🍾🥂🏃🏃‍♀️

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