Wednesday 28th February

This morning we went to DisneySea! We were able to get a free shuttle there with the hotel.

We arrived just a little after 10am and went straight in. Already there were people everywhere, but we learnt from last time and headed to a Fast Pass Machine. You can use the fast pass machine by scanning your park ticket at a specific ride machine and then it spits out a ticket for the time you can return and use the fast entry. We got a fast pass for Journey to the Centre of the Earth. We collected our pass at 10.11am and were told to return to go on the ride at 13.10-14.10. While we waited for our turn on this ride we headed up to Raging Spirits, a rollercoaster that had a 360 loop. We waited nearly an hour and a half before we got to ride on the rollercoaster. The ride was loads of fun, with the exception of the part you went through steam, this did not taste very nice (if you had your mouth open).

We left there and headed to a restaurant for lunch. We decided on a buffet lunch. While we were waiting in line to be seated the Lightning McQueen Victory Lap show was on… We were kind of expecting the car to be driving fast, however it did not.. lets just say the pace it was going at, it would have taken a lot longer than my to finish a marathon! While this was occuring, I managed to get us a fast pass for “Tower of Terror”. This ticket I collected at 12.15pm and was for a return of (18.45-19.45)!

We finally got seated and made our way to the buffet. There was a fair selection of food to choose from, however I primarily ate from the children’s buffet as they got curry and really good chicken nuggets.

The dessert selection was also good – Kath recommended the chocolate brownie!

After lunch it was time to head up to the Journey to the Centre of the Earth ride – the fast pass was really good and we got in after a few minutes. The ride was as good as I remembered from last time and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We then went for a walk around the park. We saw lots of really cool pop corn boxes. In the park they have really odd pop corn flavours like milk chocolate, garlic and shrimp, caramel, and tomato and herb.

We went back on the Raging Spirits ride as “single riders” which meant that we only had to wait around 15mins for a ride rather than another hour and a half which we waited the first time. We then went on the Flounders Flying Fish Coaster which was okay for a childrens rollercoaster.

After that we decided to go down to the Toy Story, Toy Mania ride, which ended up being loads of fun, despite having to wait for nearly 2 hours to get on. Essentially it was a 3D shooting game, I beat Kath, only just (but as she likes to point out her accuracy was better, by a mere 2 percent).

We then went on Sinbads journey, which was a boat ride and told the story of a journey Sinbad took. The anamatronics in that were fantastic. We then went to the Aladdins Magic Carpet ride.

After another walk around the park (looking for a popcorn container I wanted), we found one and then it was time to go to our booking at Tower of Terror. We had to be at our shuttle bus back to the hotel at 7.10pm, so we were running very short on time.

Kath hated the Tower of Terror ride last time we were here and she did not enjoy it anymore this time. They had slightly changed it since the last time we were here and I thought it was heaps better this time. We then had a mad run through the park to the shuttle bus, where we made it with 5 mins to spare.

Our shuttle bus home went pretty quickly and we were exhausted and relieved when we got back to the hotel. After a huge day we climbed into bed and then looked out our flight for today and realised that we had been upgraded to BUSINESS CLASS!!! YAY!

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