Monday 26 Feb

I woke up at 1.30am and rolled over to Kath and told her that the bed was shaking, she promptly told me to go back to sleep – so I did just that. I awoke again 4 hours later. Apparently I fell asleep last night with the laptop on my stomach “watching a movie”.

I felt good after a decent nights sleep, until I tried to stand up. Wow, my quads are telling me I must have done something crazy yesterday! After the usual morning routine and again asking Kath why the bed was shaking during the night, to which she googled and found that there was in fact an earthquake off the coast of Japan and there were some tremors in Tokyo.. Kath was relieved to discover that her whiskey had not fallen off the coffee table in the room!

We headed down to the breakfast buffet (Asian and Western restaurant again) where I had 2 huge plates of food. Kath was very good and just had 2 small plates of food. We then went back up to the room and relaxed for a bit.

We then headed out to explore Harajuku. Kath is a whizz on the network now, so got us there safely. We then wandered down the main street Takeshita Street. Turns out nothing really opens until 11-11.30. So we just looked at some building and some art work and cute signs. On our way back to the station we saw that some shops had opened, so we went into them and had a look around. Stairs are my mortal enemy at the moment, everytime I look at a set of them I just want to cry.

We then headed to Tokyo station which has a really cool underground shopping centre. We wandered through there for a few hours and even watched some people make some really cool candy. While we were watching they even gave us some samples.

It has been very cold today, so I have had beanie hair all day.

After walking around Tokyo station, we decided to come back to Shinjuku and try one of the restaurants we found the other day. We went to a restaurant that was upstairs – for those that have never been to Tokyo, everything is essentially on either ground level or upstairs. The last time we were here we never ventured up any stairs so for us this was was a big deal. After going up to 2F, we found the restaurant (my quads were causing their own battle).

We ordered 30 gyoza and a fried rice to share. We were going to go 40, but thought we should just give 30 a crack. We were very full by the time we finished everything – so it was a good thing we didn’t go for the full 40.

We wandered back to the hotel via a Familymart. I got one of my favourite Japanese icecreams. It is essentially just a frozen soft serve in a cone (but really cheap and really really yummy).

We are now resting in the hotel having my celebratory drinks, which we didn’t do last night cause I was too tired and though I ought to focus on hydration of the H2O variety.

Tomorrow we are going to go to Mari-Car, which is similar too but not that similar that they should be sued, Mario Carting. Essentially it is road worthy go carts which you drive around Japan and can dress up in outfits. I am not sure what I will dress up as yet – but it is super exciting!

Next post will either be tomorrow night or Wednesday.

Also tomorrow is Kath and my 9 month wedding anniversary / 10yr 9 month together-aversary.

Enjoy the warmth you all have – and we will keep snuggy and warm!

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