Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls – what can I say but wow, what an amazing place. But before I continue to describe the falls (which I am sure I will not do it justice) I will explain how we got there.

We started the morning out bright and early, checked out of our hotel and walked several blocks to our tour meeting point. It was a bit of a shamble the way it was “organised” but we eventually found our bus and our guide and got on our way. We were 2 of 17 Australians in the tour (we held the majority of the people on the tour). 

Our drive out of New York City was quite uninteresting and we had a bit of traffic. We did drive past the stadium that the Super Bowl is held at which was pretty cool. Our first stop for the trip was at a shopping complex for lunch. I was feeling unwell, so we didn’t go to the buffet restaurant most people went to. We went into the local Kmart to check it out, then Kath got Subway for lunch. It was raining pretty hard at this point, so the guide advised that the hike we were meant to do after lunch was called off. So instead we stopped at a roadside waterfall. This waterfall was in suburbia, and was inbetween some houses. It was quite large and given the downpour that morning it was running pretty quickly.

After that short stop, we got back on the bus and headed towards Niagara again. 

We arrived in Niagara Falls City and went to the viewing point on the US side of the falls. Most people don’t realise that the famous part of the falls (and the largest) is actually on the Canadian side of the boarder. We dropped off some people off at a hotel in the US side then continued through to boarder security to Canada. The Line to get into Canada was huge and we sat on the bridge for over an hour before we went through immigration. Once we were in Canada we went to the other viewing point of the falls. This viewing point gave you a full view of the falls and they were spectacular. The water is so powerful it’s amazing to think that people have gone over the falls and lived to tell the story.

After our short stop at the viewing point, we went to find out hotel. The hotel was a budget one, so it was fine for a night. We then had free time and went out to explore the town. We found a restaurant to eat at for our dinner. The main strip in Niagara Falls (Canada side) is a bit like times square, in that there are huge flashing lights everywhere, but the odd thing is that there are games and rides all down the strip. It was very odd. We went down to the falls to see the light show that is put on nightly, when we arrived there was a fireworks show on, which was pretty cool. They also put lights on the falls to light them up in the evening. At the completion of the fireworks, we walked back to the hotel for bed (it was nearly 11pm by the time we walked back).

We had an early morning the next morning in time to go to the maid of the mist boat ride. First we had to go back through immigration, which took less than an hour this time which was good. We then went back to pick up the people from the other hotel and then we waited for the ticket line to open.

We managed to get on the first boat of the morning. They give you free poncho’s, we wore thongs to avoid our joggers getting wet along with a shirt and shorts which was actually quite cold. The boat went off at 9am. It was packed on the boat but Kath managed to get us close to the front. The power that comes off the falls is amazing. The mist that comes off the falls certainly makes you wet (we were very thankful we had our poncho’s). 

After our boat ride we headed back on the road to go back to New York City. We stopped at a giant supermarket for lunch. It was a supermarket and a buffet area, where you pay per pound of food you select. The range of food went from salad, to fried rice to pizza. The food we each selected was pretty good. 

The next stop on the way back was at an outlet store. We didn’t buy too much from here as it wasn’t really all that cheap with the exchange rate and a lot of the stuff we could just buy in Aus anyways.

We finally arrived back in New York City around 8pm, we departed the tour and went to check into our hotel for the night. Once we checked in we went for a quick walk around and went to get some dinner. We found a local pizza place and had a slice each which was yummy. 

That night we had another late one, which wasn’t too good as we had yet another early morning on Wednesday to go to LA. 

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