Los Angeles and our trip comes to an end….

Our flight from New York to Los Angeles was fairly good and uneventful (which is generally what you want from a flight). When we arrived in LA, we had to get a shuttle bus from the airport to the city, then a metro from the city out to our hotel. 

We checked into our hotel which was near Universal City then went out to find some food to have an early night. We went up to Universal City (it is up a very steep hill, and we managed to catch the free shuttle) and found a restaurant to eat at. Kath has a burger and I had Mac and cheese. Both meals were fairly good. We went back to the hotel and had an early night. Kath was exhausted and was asleep by 7.30pm, I stayed up until around 9pm. 

Due to Kaths very early Wednesday night she was up very early Thursday morning and was ready to go as I just woke up. I quickly got ready and we went to the Metro to go into the city. We went to Hollywood boulevard to get on the hop in hop off bus. So what can I say about Hollywood, that place is dirty… Like really dirty. 

The bus had not started for the day so we went for a walk down to view the Hollywood stars. It was cool to see some of them, however there were a lot of them, questionable as to the statute of having on these days when there are ones for animated characters etc. We went to view the hand prints outside of Chinese theatre which was interesting, some of the first ones were done back in the 40’s. We saw the Harry Potter handprints, hunger games just to name a few. 

After that we jumped on the hop on hop off bus. We took the bus through some of Beverly Hills and then changed routes to go to Santa Monica Pier. It was extremely overcast out there and quite cold, so we got the bus back to Hollywood. We had booked tickets for the Warner Bros Studio Tour that afternoon. 

We got the bus out to the studio and managed to get on an earlier tour. The tour was an absolute blast! We got to go into a number of studios, including The Big Bang Theory, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and a tv show we hadn’t heard of. We also saw the set for Gilmore Girls, which they actually use for a lot of different towns in heaps of shows, such as Pretty Little Liars. We also got to go to a prop museum for Harry Potter and Suicide Squad, and there was a room full of the working bat vehicles which was really awesome. We also went to the prop room, which was a massive Wearhouse of all the props they use in TV shows and movies. At the end of the tour we got to go onto the Friends Central Perk set which was really awesome, we even got to sit on the chair! 

After the tour we got a taxi back to  Universal City and went out for dinner again, this time to a chain restaurant called Johnny Rockets. We both had burgers and I had an amazingly thick thickshake! 

We were up early for our final day of our trip Friday morning to go to Universal Studios for the day. We had an early pass so was able to enter the theme Park at 8am. We went through to Harry Potter World and got on to the rides in there with no wait. The Harry Potter and the Forbidden Forest is the same as the one we went on in Japan but it was in English so that made it a bit better. The Flight of the Hippogriff ride was pretty fun, but very short. The second time we went in the Forbidden Forest ride we both felt a bit unwell. We then went to the Simpsons ride followed by the Studio Tour. The studio tour was completely different to the day before where we went to Warner Bros. They did have the biggest 3D 360 ride in the US, which was probably the highlight. We went on numerous other rides and saw all the shows that they had. The best one was called Water Works where they did a bunch of stunts and had actors from TV shows as the actors. The stunts were really good. We also saw the Animal Actors show which had the beagle from A Dogs Purpose, which was pretty cool! We both loved the Mummy ride, which is an indoor rollercoaster, we went on that one twice. 

After a huge day at Universal Studios we then headed to the airport via the Metro which required us changing lines 3 times and then taking a bus. It took a while but was very cheap! When we arrived at the airport we were advised that our flight had been delayed by an airport, so rather than depart at 11.20pm, we weren’t due out until 12.30am (Saturday morning). By the time we got on the plane I was so exhausted, I had fallen asleep before we even took off. I maanged to sleep at least 9 out of the 13 hour flight we had.

We are now safely at home with young Abby, all laying on the couch recovering from our huge holidays, Abby has been a beach Girl for the last 4 weeks up the Sunshine Coast with her best mate Ella. 

More photos will be out up in the coming days, so until next trip. We hope you have enjoyed reading g our blog and we have a lot more stories to tell that we haven’t included in here :). 

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