Our free day on Rapa Nui

Our spare day started with a nice sleep-in, mostly for Cindy though and then a leisurely breakfast at the hotel.

 That morning we decided we’d go for a walk past town and up the hill to see some Moai.

 Just as we left the hotel we saw a dog with a red collar laying with some people, she hopped up when she saw us and came marching over and started following us, right beside us, behind, in front…  We walked past people, restaurants, other dogs and this dog kept following us even as we walk out of town, we stop along the way to check out some Moai and the waterfront and the dog (I called her Red) kept following us. We tried to give her some water as it was really hot and humid but she would back away when we tried but kept following us. We end up turning around after 4ish Km’s to turn back and Red finds a puddle to drink from. We decided to sit at a bench on the water front for a while and Red lays down at our feet.

We weren’t ready to go back to the hotel so we walked up the hill into town… With Red still following. We go into a few stores and Red lays outside the store waiting for us to come back out… After awhile we think she had enough walking and as she just stopped at the restaurant we walked past and decided to lay down in the shade with people. She walked just under 10kms with us – we missed her when she decided to stop walking with us.

We ended up finding a little shop that sold pizza and we ordered a margarita and a custom pizza by pointing at ingredients in English and she would look at her Spanish version, the pizza was delicious!! We couldn’t eat it all so we took the rest back to the hotel to have for dinner… But the walk was much more lonely as we couldn’t spot Red anywhere.

We went past the post office and forgot to bring our passports as they stamped passports. We got back early/mid afternoon and chilled out on our patio and in our room for the rest of the day until I decided that I wanted my passport stamped so off we went back down the hill to town. 

We had a pretty chill afternoon and had leftover pizza for dinner.

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