Kath’s half marathon and trip to Peru.

So Marathon day…  Thankfully no rain but a lot of wind. The race wasn’t starting till 10:15am, so quite late for a race… as they had mass before hand. so we had a little sleep in and had a small breakfast (didn’t want anything that wouldn’t repeat on us during the run).  We walked down to the start line and a fair few people were already there, before too long we were off. 

There was a small hill within the first 800 metres as we ran around the town centre…. Is wasn’t long until we hit the wind as we ran up the hill towards the hotel and then turned the corner and then a huge gale force wind came down the street and didn’t let up… My iPod died within the first 3km which sucked.

I wasn’t going to stop at the first few drink stations but at the first one at 5km I downed some gaterade as it was so hot. Running running running… I was exhausted by the 6-7km running up a hill with the wind blowing – so I walked for a bit but kept running…. Running running… Downed more gaterade and water at the 10km stop.. by this point I wasn’t completely exhausted but I said when I get to the 11km turn around spot I’ll walk for a bit. When I got to the turn around spot I went to take a photo of the sign and the police man signalled to take my camera… To take my picture with the sign. The professional photographer who was running the full marathon was doing my pace and got a photo too.

By that time at the turn around point, I was pretty happy with how I was going – the winds were a little on my back and there were a few more down hills this  way… so I ran for a bit until a small hill and walked some more..  I was running decently well until 16-18km … My ankles were extremely sore and my knee was starting to play up…. But there was a lady in our tour group who had past me, so I was trying to keep up with her… Walking when I needed to… In the last 2km I passed the lady, but then she passed me when I was walking… When we got to our hotel and around the corner with less than 1km left a massive head wind hit right on… I was talking to myself a lot as I was feeling a bit of pain but I overtook the lady and ran the small hill and then got a down hill… One step in front of the other and I made it 2 hours and 47 minutes – I was really chuffed with myself. Didn’t walk as much as I thought but was quite sore!

I hung out for a bit because my legs didn’t want to do anything… But the wind was making me cold so I plodded up the hill with the lady that see-sawed with me in the last 3-4km.  Grabbed my windbreaker, the other camera, put things on and plodded back down the hill hoping I hadn’t missed Cindy. 

I waited and cheered people from our group coming in – heard from them that it was the hardest marathon that they had done…the hills and winds were hard. I knew then that Cindy wouldn’t get her hopeful time … But after awhile, I saw her powering in! So proud of her! We staggered back up to the hotel and jumped the fence as Cindy was struggling – but we made it. We had showers/bath and laid down for a bit before hobbling down to town for our last dinner as a group. 

We had a beer each and then I continued on the wines. It was a nice night (not as much food as we would have liked) and we shared many laughs, especially with two kiwi ladies and one of their husbands. After awhile Cindy and I staggered half way up the hill and found some people from our group who were waiting at a table at a restaurant as they wanted more food. We spoke with them for awhile but kept walking the rest of the way with an American couple. 

We slept terribly that night as we were both sore and the next morning found out our flight was delayed so we were leaving the hotel later, after a nice breakfast we went back through town before making our way back to the hotel and hung around playing some quirkle before off to the airport.

We actually got a seat together and got something small to eat at the airport. 

Flight was okay, the person who was meant to be sitting next to me never showed up, so we had the whole row. Had a decent meal and I slept a little.

In Santiago, the temperature was freezing! We got our bags and headed to the Holiday Inn across the road from the airport – it was lovely. Great service, great rooms, amazing beds and good room service! Shame we were only there for 5-6 hours. We only got a few hours sleep before over to the international airport to check-in for flight to Lima, Peru.

It was thankfully on time and we are about to land. Looks quite foggy out the window – Cindy and I aren’t sitting together…  We aren’t​ sitting together on our next flight either to Cusco. I hope we don’t get altitude sickness.

Until next time!

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