Our honeymoon has started… with a small flop

We are currently sitting on a bed at the Auckland Rose Hotel after a buffet dinner. Should we be here – no. Put simply, we should not.

So we had no problems in Brisbane, checked in fine. Spent some time in the lounge – had breakfast and I had a couple of glasses of sparkling wine. Just before we went on to the plane – Cindy was looking at the our connecting flight boarding pass and the boarding time was not right. I thought nothing of it and said probably a mistake we’ll get it re-printed at Auckland.

We both watched Lego Batman on the movie and got a good second breakfast on the plane. When we landed they announced passengers with a connecting flight to Santiago would now have to collect their bags and then re-check them in. We were a little annoyed but oh well, we went through customs and went to wait for our bags,… and waited, and waited… Cindy went and asked some staff what was happening – that’s when confusion began.

We found some other confused passengers, staff told us the flight was cancelled, then delayed, then cancelled… there were no Qantas staff or Latam Airlines staff around… they had our bags out the back – thankfully they found them and we had to go through quarantine and back to the check-in desk… turned out our flight was cancelled… we started to line up with a lot of other people at the check-in desks – as they had no staff there to give us any information… airport staff confirmed the flight was cancelled, they said another flight was leaving tomorrow morning and when the Latam airways people came would start issuing hotel vouchers…

When staff finally turned up, they made a priority lane – so we jumped out of the long line and went into the priority lane. Cindy was extremely happy to use my status to jump the queue.

We got to the person, no apologies. Got our new ticket, accommodation at a hotel. Then told us we would need to wait another hour and a half for the bus… no taxi voucher… complained but they gave us some food vouchers. We walked away, I said to Cindy I want to have a word with Qantas – because turned out our flight ticket we got this morning actually indicated the time of tomorrow’s flight which meant they knew about the cancellation and didn’t tell us.

The Qantas staff member we spoke to was lovely, let me air my annoyances and frustrations and ended up giving us a taxi voucher to the hotel. So we got to the hotel so much earlier then the rest of the people on our flight, which allowed us to go for a walk in the park next door and relax.

The hotel put a lovely buffet dinner for those of us staying with them and now we are full and tired we are in bed hoping for a better day tomorrow.

So we will get on a 11:30AM flight on Tuesday and arrive at 6:30AM Tuesday morning and hopefully no delays so we can rush to the hotel for our 9AM tour …

Wish us luck. Sorry if my blog isn’t very exciting but hopefully the next post is a bit happier.

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