Australian Outback Marathon Race Day

I woke up early nervous for the run and full of anticipation of the course. We were dressed and ready in the reception of the hotel for 6.50 pick up. For those of you who don’t know, sunrise at this time of year is not until 7.15.

We arrived at the start line and there was a mass bolt for the toilets, we went before we left, so we didn’t have to go when we arrived. It was 3degrees at the start line, nice and warm really! There were a few heaters out and we spent the morning until our respective races by the heater.

The marathon and half marathon were the first races to start. We kicked off at 7.45. At this point in time it was still 3degrees. Within the first 500m of the half marathon my knee managed to seize up and started hurting really badly. I thought if I just kept running then it would warm up and get better. By the 6km mark I realised that it wasn’t going to warm up and I think I had something wrong with it. There were a fair few soft sand dunes which we had to run over and lumpy ground. There was a photographer in a helicopter above the course taking pictures which was awesome!

As the marathon progressed any my knee got more and more painful to bend, I realised that as long as I kept running then there would bit less pain.

I met a lovely lady from Richmond on course and we ran for about 3km together and had a good chat about running and life in general.

By the 19th kilometer I was ready to just sit in a ditch and cry from the pain. I walked portions of the last 2km in agonising pain. The last km was the hardest I have ever done in any run, purely due to the pain I had. Kath saw me in the last bit and gave me lots of  encouragement. As I came down the finishers shoot I still had high spirits and attempted to photo bomb someone’s picture (hehe). As I came over the finish line and got my medal, I met up with Kath. It was at that point that I realised I was actually very lucky to have been able to run the course given the pain I was in. My time was not too bad considering.

Kath did a fantastic job I her run and beat a few people.

I spent a bit of time in the medical tent getting ice on my knee. While in there a marathoner passed out while running the last 100m of his race, the ambos had to literally drag the poor guy into the medical tent. He passed out twice and had big cuts down his arms, legs and a small one on his face. He obviously passed out from exhaustion. He was the heading to be the 4th marathoner.

My knee didn’t seem so bad next to him, so we decided to leave the medical tent and get the bus back to the hotel. This was a particularly painful experience for one with a sore knee.

When we got back to the hotel we got cleaned up and had some lunch. Kath has been taking good care of me and supplying ice for my knee.

Pending my ability to walk, we are due to go out for dinner tonight at the pub on the otherside of town (10min walk). If that isn’t possible we might duck to the place next door for cider battered fish.

The plan is to have my knee fully recovered before the hike out to ‘The Olgas’ tomorrow.

Despite the pain in my knee, the run was a fantastic experience and the scenery was amazing.

Photos to come either tonight or when we get home as they don’t want to upload very well at the moment 🙂

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