Tokyo – Part Two

Where did our holidays go? We’re now on the Narita Express to Narita Airport…. The last couple of days in Tokyo have been good. Cindy didn’t kill any children in the train to Tokyo… I kept them amused because I was playing a game on my tablet which kept them occupied… So much so they kept talking to their mum about it and then leaning right over the screen… I didn’t end up playing to well with Cindy, random kid and random kids mum all watching me play!

We were meant to go all the way to Tokyo station and then change to go to Shibuya but Cindy decided we could get off a stop earlier and cut down the time it takes to get there. It worked we saved 15 plus minutes 😊 we found the hotel after going the wrong way out of the exit but we realised before walking to far.

We had decided to stay in a really nice hotel for our last two nights just because… So we were at a 4/5 star hotel – when booking we decided we probably didn’t need to stay up high as the higher you booked the more you paid… So we got entry level of like 19-24… Our room wasn’t ready for us on check-in so he said to wait 10 minutes… We ended up waiting 30 odd minutes but when we got our key we got room 35 … We had been upgraded!! There were only 4 levels of rooms above ours!! We were pretty stoked! The room was brilliant – the view even better. So naturally – I didn’t really want to leave the loveliness of our hotel room – so we rested and I booked us a table at the 40 floor bar for dinner – I found a decent offer that we could use 3 drinks and 2 course meal for 55 dollars – for a swanky bar where 3 drinks cost that much we went for it. We asked for a non-smoking seating area and it was tiny but the view was still awesome! It was a little weird (not bad) but the servers in the restaurant didn’t speak very good English but everyone in the hotel’s English was brilliant.  We got their in the end but it was funny – when asking what drinks were included she pointed to the Japanese menu of drinks and we had just ordered of the English menu so we were like sorry but we don’t understand that – so she said the usual beer, wine, cocktails – when we asked what cocktails, she said standard ones so we were like um do you have a list – so finally she brought the English menu over so Cindy got a few screw drivers… Dinner was good – a little small in portion size but decent.

We went back to our room and got changed from nice clothes back into outside clothes and went out and explored Shibuya briefly and picked up some more drinks at a 7-11 we went back to the hotel and had some drinks watching the city from our awesome room.

Next day we went to odaiba – a pretty cool place, it’s a man made island with heaps of shops and other neat stuff. We caught a monorail to get there and it went over the rainbow bridge (it’s meant to look much better at night) but it was still an awesome bridge – when we got off – we died from the heat, it was humid and so sunny! I have tanned so much since being here… Even Cindy has browned some. So they had some event thing on, so it was packed… We went to the mini statue of liberty they have which was cool and then to the huge Gundam statue which is a huge Robot thing but very cool, we walked around some of the shops there and grabbed some lunch before going to mega web which is a huge Toyota museum / showroom that was cool… We then walked back to the monorail and headed to the hotel as the next stop which Cindy really wanted to do… Tokyo Disneyland Sea… So off we went – we were going to do the star light pass which gives you access from 3 till close at 10. We figured that people normally leave around that time so it should be quiet…. We were wrong! It was seriously insane! There were so many people, Cindy pointed to a ride she wanted to do so without a second thought in we go… It had a waiting time of 140 minutes… 140 minutes… I felt every minute of it…. Disneyland don’t sell express passes – they have these machines you can book your time and then come back and express… So Cindy and I were bitching about these express people cutting the line (wishing we could have just paid extra for one) … So we rode on the journey to the centre of the earth… A Jules Verne ride! It was pretty good – the best bit was when you were in the dark going up and then all of  a sudden you are looking out to the park before flying down totally unexpected…. Cindy squealed like a little girl – ha-ha first time I’ve heard her squeal – it was hilarious!

After that ride I thought we would then book all the rides – as I hate waiting.. Everyone loves to line – lining for street food, lining for restaurants, lining for toilets, lining for the sake of lining… So we went and checked out the machines at each of the rides – turns out they were all closed. So a bit frustrated that we wouldn’t be going on as many rides we had wanted – we moved past it and joined another queue (90 minutes) for Cindy’s ride of choice – tower of terror… Which is in this old mansion and you go up and down… But it was so much scarier!! You were seated in a elevator and it was pitch black and you would go up and stop and then up and stop… And then up and free fall and then back up and free fall more… We clung to each other… It was more scary not knowing what to expect – I thought It would be like the giant drop – up and down..

So here at theme parks and a lot of places we have been to, Japanese friends and partner’s dress the same! Whether the same T-shirt, same character head/ear pieces, hand bags, popcorn buckets or their entire outfit! So its our paradise considering a lot of our friends always take the piss that we dress similar… So we went and got matching mickey t-shirts. Now sitting on the train. We totally match and no one has looked twice at us. But anyways – it was time for Disney Sea’s night show – it was an awesome dancing in water, light and fire works going through a whole bunch of Disney themes and hosted by a magical Mickey!

After that we raced to the a ride I wanted to do … I admit probably a kidyish one but another Jules Verne ride – 10,000 leagues under the ocean – I love that book. It was pretty cool and we only waited 5 minutes…we then rushed to the indiana Jones ride, our last ride for the night and waited 90 minutes and it was pretty cool as well. When we had got out it was last 10pm, we were exhausted and made our way back on the Disney monorail to take us back to the station for our 55 minute trip with changeovers to get back to the hotel…. We hadn’t eaten since lunch so we were starting and it was 11:45 and we tried to get a curry but they were just closing… So we went back to the hotel and ordered room service… We were having dinner at 12:45am, we were exhausted…!

When we woke up, we packed and got into our matching T-shirts and we were heading to Ueno zoo! They have Panda’s! We stored our luggage at the hotel and on we went – jumped on the good old Yamonte line and arrived 30 minutes later. The zoo we heard was a little depressing when you go past the Panda section but we were quite saddened to see the size of some of the animals cages… Compared to the zoos at home and the amazing zoos in Edinburgh and London this one we didn’t really enjoy – we didn’t stay long. Checking the Panda out was our main goal. We then walked through the Ueno park and visited the Toshogu shrine which had a flame still burning from the atomic bombings in 45.

We then visited the Shinobazunoike Pond which was filled with a lot of plants and these cool big pink flowers. We walked around Ueno city for a little while and through a market before finding somewhere to eat – we had this noodle egg pancake thing which we really liked – Cindy is now challenging herself to make it at home.

We then had a quick stop at Tokyo station to look at the shops there before going back to Shibuya where we wandered around before heading back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and back to the station! The train was a little late to arrive (I know right) but we are approaching our stop right now so I need to finish up.

We will post pictures when we arrive home tomorrow, its a pain to upload from the tablet. I will upload this from the lounge shortly where we hope to have a nice shower and clean up a bit!

We have had a great time here in Japan and will come back one day!

Bye for now!

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  1. John Catchpole says:

    Very good … still smiling

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