London Round 2

We arrived in London Saturday afternoon safely from Berlin. After checking into our hostel we headed out to The West End to try get tickets for a show that night. We didn’t end up getting tickets as they were trying to charge 80 pounds (roughly $150-$160) for a seat right in the back. We ended up just finding a nice little Italian restaurant for dinner and headed back to the hostel.

On Sunday we headed out to The Harry Potter Studio’s!!! It was a bit of a trek to get there but it was worth it. We got to see all the props and sets used in all eight Harry Potter movies. It was quite interesting seeing all the puppets used for animals and monsters. It was very packed there though making taking photos a bit hard.

Monday morning we went to the Tower of London to explore the castle and see the crown jewels. There were so many crown jewels at dozens of swords, crowns, scepters, orbs and other misc. jewels. Unfortunately you weren’t allowed to take pictures due to security reasons. This is a bit silly cause the jewels are kept in a castle surrounded by armed policemen and army men haha. After the Tower we went to the Tower Bridge and walked along the catwalk. There were glass walkways which was a bit unnerving  but interesting. Once we finished touring The Tower Bridge I went to the London Bridge Experience which the girls were too scared to go to. The London Bridge Experience was a more gruesome history of the bridge going back to Roman times through to Victorian times. After the tour you had to enter a sort of haunted house area which was pretty fun. I then met up with the girls and we headed to The Monument to the Great Fire of London. You can actually climb up the 311 steps to the top. It was a great view but a very tiring walk as the staircase in very narrow and very steep. We then went to the Transport Museum and hung out there for a while. Later we went to the theatre to see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory was very entertaining.

Tuesday we took the underground to see the Winston Churchill War Rooms which is an underground bunker were Churchill led the British war effort against Nazi Germany. Everything in the bunker is exactly as Churchill left it, even a half a box of cigars he decided not to smoke. After the bunker we headed to Westminster Abbey. It was very impressive but again we weren’t allowed to take pictures which is a shame cause it really is a great old building. We then went to the old jewel tower which is right next to Westminster. It was a very small old tower but worth the visit. We then walked for ages to get to Kensington Palace which was a massive walk. Once we arrived there we got to tour the public part of the palace which had displays ranging was King James I to Queen Queen Victoria. Prince William, Kate and baby George weren’t there to greet us though haha. We then headed to once again to the theatre to see Wicked which was really good but it was a bit hard to get used to the British accents.

Wednesday I went to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and did a tour there while the girls went to Tate Modern (a modern art gallery). The theatre is actually the third built since the time of Shakespeare as the first was destroyed by fire and the second was demolished during the English Civil War. We then had a quick sticky beak around the outside of St Paul’s Cathedral. We then did a bit of souvenir shopping at M&M World and other little shops. We then headed out to go and see Lion King The Musical but there was a blackout and so it was cancelled. 😦

Well that’s our last leg of our trip tomorrow night we get a seven hour flight to Dubai then after a three hour stopover we have a quick 14 hour flight home.

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