Dublin & Saint Patrick’s Day

We arrived safely in Dublin, the day before Saint Patrick’s Day. After a bus ride and a quick walk we arrived at our hotel (which was cheaper than a hostel) unloaded our backpacks and headed out for a tour of the Guinness factory.

After a bit of a walk (a lot longer than we anticipated) we arrived at The Guinness Factory to find a massive line along the street to get in. Luckily we had booked in advance so we could cut the line. The tour was really good but as it was the day before Saint Pattie’s Day it was so packed. We’d stop to read a sign and the staff would move us along so they could keep everyone moving. The best part of the tour was learning how to properly pour a pint of Guinness. It takes roughly two minutes to pour it but really it’d not as complicated as they make out. After the tour we stopped and had dinner a little pub and headed back to the hotel.

The next day was Saint Patrick’s day so we headed to the centre of town and got a spot to watch the parade. The parade was really good except at least half of the floats were American college marching bands. Overall the parade didn’t have much of an Irish feel to it.

After the parade we went to the Irish Beer and Whiskey Festival. They had quite a few unique drinks, however a lot of them aren’t available in Australia 😦 We hung out at the festival for a bit and met some locals so we talked to them for a while.

Today we had a bit of a late start and headed out for a free walking tour of Dublin. The tour wasn’t the best as there were way to many people in our group, a fair few who were quite rude and would smoke in the middle of the group.

Tomorrow is our last day in Dublin before we head to Glasgow, Scotland to visit Kath’s family.

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