Day 18 – Hamner Springs to Woodend Beach

After waking up we go ready and off we went to the Spa to have our massages.
The front desk girl was a noob and made me sign my credit card a few times as the signatures were not exact matches… I’m sorry but whose signatures match every time.. she then blundered the whole couples room and was like – oh you are in the couples room together – we’re like we know and she’s like it doesn’t have to be a couples room – it can be called something else… and we’re like no we’re a couple and then she ignored that and was like its a friends room… and I rolled my eyes…

The massage was very nice and relaxing… we should have got a deep tissue one as they didn’t seem to get right into the muscle but it was still very nice. We had a short dip in the private thermal pools before going out into the masses.

As it was still early, it wasn’t too busy so we didn’t get too swamped. The sulphur pools were stinky and hot but were nice – we destinked in the whirl pool one (for kids) but it reminded me of the pool in Albany Creek at home. After that we lounged in the thermal pool which was cooler than the sulphur pool… after that we went to the adults only thermal pool (Aqua Therapy) so it had jets and stuff – so nice to relax in there and probably could have spent a long time in there.

After being in there for awhile, and starting to get quite hungry we decided to head off. We went back to the spa place and had showers and cleaned off.

We started to drive back down south towards Christchurch, we stopped off a nice park (where you can camp as well) and had a good steak and pasta lunch. The little pullout bbq was very handy.

After lunch we sussed out a few beach camp grounds and none were great, but we found the Woodend Beach park was good and secluded. We went for a little wander on the beach and found a dead big fish on the beach (flesh was gone)…

We decided to go back into town and get some fish and chips to eat back on the beach.

After dinner, Cindy proposed hiding the ring in two clam shells with sand and asked me to marry her (when it’s legal at home). I of course said yes. So there we were having a nice time on the beach when 2 offroad motorbikes come on to the beach and drive behind us up the beach – on their return they came a metre in front of us and turned enough to ensure they sprayed us with sand… Thanks d*ckheads.

Still a lovely nice evening 🙂

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