Day 17 – Lake Tekapo to Hanmer Springs

The next day, we showered and set off back into town and stopped for a ham and cheese croissant from the bakery there and ate that by the water.

We then drove up to Woodend, where we had lunch outside a bowls club – and we watched two old men play bowls – it was pretty good entertainment as the black ball would start off very well and the red ball did poorly but on the last bowl, the red bowler would put the ball right on the white ball and knock the black ball away.
We then continued up to Hamner Springs (which is a tiny town, much smaller than we thinking) and hasn’t been over commercialised as much either – even though all the restaurants charge pretty crazy prices. We stayed at the campervan place in town and I went to try book 2 full body massages for the evening – but they were booked out. So I booked us in for the next morning.

We went out for a nice meal at a ‘scottish’ pub – not very scottish and wasn’t the best but oh wells.

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