Day 16 – Dunedin to Lake Tekapo

As Cindy and I both quite like chocolate – we decided we were going to go on the Cadbury tour at the factory they have in Dunedin, thankfully it was a Saturday so the city was much quieter and we were able to find a park right outside.

The tour was obviously designed for kids, but it was still pretty good – the one we did in the UK was much more informative and cooler things to look at – but it was still a delicious stop 🙂

After the tour, we decided to continue the trip up North – we had two options – to either go north west and go to the mt cook region or to stop just north of Christchurch, towards Hamner Springs.

We stopped at a town called Omarau for lunch, the town is really cool as it has a very old section to the town with really neat old buildings and also had a penguin feeding/spotting attraction. We went to see if we could see any without going in… but we couldn’t – I asked Cindy if we could go in and look in the gift store to have squishy penguins (you never know)… and they DID! So we decided as we also got discounted entry – we went in and saw the nesting penguins and their eggs…. while there we also spotted some seals on the rocky shore front snoozing and sun baking in the sun.

SO after purchasing a squishy penguin (or two), we enjoyed a nice lunch in the sun.

After lunch, we continued up north, we decided because of the beautiful weather we would go out to mt cook/lake tekapo.

We missed the first exit to get to mt cook so we continued up the highway for the turn off to go to Lake Tekapo. It was a fairly nice drive, we could not believe how beautiful it was out there – our campervan place was right on the water and we had amazing views. We went for a walk along the water and had some fun throwing rocks into the water…. no good skipping stones…

They have a Spa with thermal pools right on the lake, we decided to spend a bit of the afternoon there. It was nice, but it was a shame they don’t give you a better view of the lake… They had 3 pools, a 36; 38 and 40 degree pools. The 40 degree pool was adults only – which is an amazing concept but it was way too hot for us… so we hung out mostly in the 36 and 38 with families and some annoying teenagers. (I feel so old sometimes)…

After the spaing, we walked back to the camp site, and decided to cook outside on the campervans bbq. We ate a great curry outside enjoying the weather and the views.

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