Day 13 – Queenstown to Te Anau to Riverton

After a nice lay in, we got ready for a big driving day. We left Queenstown and the magnificent weather and headed further south to Te Anau. When we arrived in Te Anau we booked onto a helicopter flight and then went and got a tasty pie for lunch.

We arrived early to our helicopter flight and were given a safety briefing. When the helicopter arrived back from the trip it was on the pilot came in and met us and we hopped into the helicopter. We were riding in a very small 3 passenger helicopter. I got to ride first in the front seat. Our first stop was to get some fuel. It was really interesting to see the helicopter get filled up. The pilot had to do it himself which Kath thought was quite amusing. Once that was all done and we were full of fuel, we headed off on our actual trip. We travelled the length of Lake Te Anau then headed out toward Milford Sound. We were able to see the Milford Track and several huts that are along the track. We saw a part of Milford and made 2 snow landings. The first was at a spot where we got a good view over the lake and into the Sound. We were at approx 3500ft above sea level. The second landing was by Lake Quill where you can only get by helicopter. This place was stunning. While we were taking in the views a Kea Bird came wandering over to us and was scoping us out. The pilot put his headphones on the ground and the inquisitive little guy came wandering over and tried to pick them up. The sights from the helicopter was amazing;

When we arrived back at the helicopter base and then headed back to the camper and started our trek further south. On our way South we stopped in and saw the Clifden Suspension bridge, which unfortunately was closed. However we had a nice little break and enjoyed the nice weather. Further south we stopped at Monkey Island. Despite the name of the island there were no monkey’s on it. I did a bit of a monkey dance just so Kath knew that there was one Monkey on the Island. The island is only accessible at low tide, luckily for us it was and we were able to go up to the viewing point. After a short stroll along the beach we jumped back in the van and decided to find somewhere to stay.

We had read about a spot on the River in Riverton, but despite driving around for about 30mins trying to find it, we gave up and just got some fish and chips for dinner then went to the other campervan place. Though we were not on the water the view was still pretty good from our spot.

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