Day 6 – Wellington to Picton then on to Murchinson

Our Trip to Picton started early in the morning. As we were only 1 minute from the ferry, we packed up and drove the 100m to the check in. We had to wait in line for a while before we were able to board the ferry as they had to load all the trucks first. It was really easy getting on the ferry as they had a large space you were able to turn around on and drive in, thankfully we didn’t have to reverse the camper in a tight space! While on the ferry we managed to find a spot that was warm and reasonably quiet while still being able to see the water. The trip was about 3.5 hours and had glorious views of the sound on the way in. The wind was freezing cold though, so we never stayed outside for too long before returning to our spot on the ferry. 

Once we arrived in Picton we decided to head off the ferry and go towards Havelock. Unfortunately it was very badly signed so we followed the sign to Westport, however we didn’t want to go down the main highway in the opposite direction, so we turned around and found another State Highway. We realised after a few km’s that it is highly understandable why they direct you the opposite way through to Westport, cause the roads are so windy! 

When we got near Havelock we went to Polorous Bridge, which is a famous area that is used in the one of the Peter Jackson films. The bridge itself was nothing impressive, especially since someone had graffiti-ed the c word on there!!! The area around it was really magnificent and the water was crystal clear, but a nice blue/green colour. 

After some lunch we headed on to find a spot to stay in Murchinson. We stayed at a nice little place which had pretty good facilities. It was just a very short stroll to a really lovely river. The currents in the river were so strong we couldn’t even ‘skip’ stones, and it was definitely not from a lack of trying. I found a really cool love heart shaped rock, which we tried to carve our names into then stuck up on the bank to be displayed. Unfortunately there was a family also staying there and they were in the kitchen the same time as us, and as excited children and wet weather go, they were a bit annoying. The showers in that place were really bizarre, as they gave you 7 minutes for a shower, which would have been fine, if you could control the temperature yourself. Kath could barely stand under the shower it was that hot. I managed to wash my hair and that was it, cause it was so hot! We had a little bit of rain that evening as well.


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