Day 3 – Rotorua to Huka Falls to Taupo

After a nice hot shower Sunday morning we decided to check out the town and headed to Kuirau park to have a look at some literally smelly mud pools. They were pretty cool to see, bubbling, steaming mud. Mind you they also smelt like rotten eggs. After wandering around there until we couldn’t stand the smell anymore we headed up to the Whakaiewarewa Thermal Village. This place was extremely over priced for what it was. We think we were meant to join a tour group, but it really wasn’t very well signed, so we just made up our own tour, Kath read me some interesting facts and I took some pictures. The Thermal Village is literally a little village of people from that tribe who live in that area. If you lived in the village you got to swim in the hot springs, if you did not you just had to enviously watch other people swimming. We saw the most famous geysers in New Zealand there and it was pretty active.

After there we decided to go to Liquor King and Pak n Save (a big grocery store) to stock up on some more food and drinks. For lunch we decided to go to Lake Rotorua where Kath cooked us a BBQ of sausages and onions on the BBQ that is attached to the side of the campervan. She did a really good job and managed to keep all the ducks, birds and Geese (little babies as well) at bay. I did a good job at staying in the car away from the birds! It was lovely to eat by the lake.

After lunch we decided to head down to Huka Falls. When we arrived we booked onto a Jet Boat Group and went for a spin! It was great fun and Kath managed to get a squishy jet boat. Needless to say we had no option but to do the jet boating so she could get the squishy. It is a very cool one!

After jet boating we went to find a camping spot for the night. We decided to try out a free camping spot. We had this magnificent spot by a river, however the toilets were holes in the ground, after going once and feeling extremely dirty I wasn’t sure if I could stay there. Kath had a beer and we had some cheese to relax, however there was this super creepy guy who would park his spot in one spot for about 10 mins then move again. After about 45 mins of being there we decided that there is no way I would be able to settle for the night so we headed into town to find another place. We found another free camping spot right on Lake Taupo so we decided to camp there. After having a delicious dinner (pasta and bolognese sauce), Kath went to turn off the gas and the dodgy key snapped into the lock for the gas. Luckily someone saw us trying to jimmy out other end of the key. He was also driving a Britz around and tried his key in our lock and thankfully we were able to turn our gas off. We then decided to go out to try out a local pub which brewed their own beers and ciders (plus we needed somewhere to go to the bathroom as this “camp spot” didn’t have any bathroom facilities. The service there was excellent and the owner was a very friendly guy. After our drinks we headed back to our campervan for sleep.

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