Day 1 – Brisbane to Auckland

We woke up early Friday morning to head to the airport, after making sure we had everything packed and ready we got in the car to leave. We said good bye to Miss Abby, who was clearly upset we were leaving, not!.

As we made our way through some of the Northside suburbs to get to the airport, Kath realised she had left her jumper back at her parents place on the kitchen counter. We didn’t turn around and kept on going to the airport. When we arrived we said farewell to Kath’s mum and headed in for our check-in.

After the usual bag drop and immigration and security checks, we went and claimed our money back on the new camera we had bought. Kath surprised me by buying membership to the Qantas Club, so we had a nice breakfast in there then headed for our flight. We were one of the first to board, so we didn’t have to wait long. 

The flight was pretty good and we both passed the time by watching new movies. The breakfast was not too bad, scrambled eggs, corn fritter and some beany salsa thing.

When we arrived in Auckland, we had no trouble getting our bags, we had to declare our walking boots to customs. The guy had to fully clean the bottom of Kath’s shoes, whereas mine weren’t too bad. 

The bus to the city took about 1 hour, it was a bit painful, next time we will get a cab or a shuttle bus.

We managed to find the hotel and check in there, the room had magnificent views of Sky Tower and the marina. 

After a bit of packing we went out to buy Kath a new jumper. We managed to find one pretty quickly and she was really impressed with it. We got it at a good price as well. We went and found something to eat, as we just wanted a small meal because we were going to go out to dinner. On the way back to the hotel we stopped into a bottle shop, there is some very different ciders here and I look forward to trying a few of them.

That evening when we were going to go out to Sky Tower for diner, we ended up getting take away from a little local Italian restaurant. I don’t have much to say about it cause the food was really not that great!

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