3 more sleeps until the next adventure…

So it’s been a few years since we have updated this blog…

I’ve decided to keep our travel blog going – may as well keep a record of everything we do and don’t like, this is so when I’m old and gray I can look back on this and go “Oh yeah, I remember when I was a wee girl…”

So if you haven’t heard, Cindy and I are going to New Zealand for 2.5 weeks doing a camper van trip from Auckland to Christchurch and as the title suggests, we have 3 more sleeps until we go.

So, I guess we aren’t as nervous or naive any more since we first went travelling back in 09, but I can tell you – we are just as excited… to be getting away from work, unwinding, enjoying a glass of wine here and there and generally just having a good time…

So if you would like to follow what we’re up too or engage with us along the way, you’re more than welcome too…

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