Our last week of our European Travels :-(

On Monday we went out to pick up a few things and had a wander around East Kilbride shops and the City.. That night we went out to Laser Quest with Ross and a few of his friends… It was great fun, we had 3 games.. I was close to the Loser every game :(… ohh well someone had to lose.

On Tuesday we went to Bothwell Castle. It was quite an interesting castle as it was partially ruins and part still in tact. We then went to a Mosalium and to a museum. Both of those were really interesting. For lunch we went to Weatherspoons with Ellen and Kath’s Grandpa. It was a really nice lunch and we all enjoyed our meals and drinks! That night we went to see Toy Story 3, Ross and his friend John came with us. We saw it in 3D the movie was really good! It was also sad.. so if anyone goes to see it, take tissues.

On Wednesday we went to Calderglen park, and had a nice walk through the “Rain forest” and saw the animals. That evening we went to visit Diana (Kath’s mum’s friend from primary school).. we had a really nice dinner with her and a few glasses of wine!

Yesterday we hiked up Ben A’an.. It was a nice sized “hill”, (mountain).. It was quite tiring but definately worth it once we reached the top. Malcolm beat Ellen, Kath and I.. we had a few stops along the way to admire the view.. We were able to see 2 Lochs from the top, it was such a nice day and we could see all the way to a hill near Ellen and Tom’s house!!

This morning we went into Glasgow city to see the Cathedral, Necropolis and the oldest house in Glasgow. I like the house the best.. It would have been so dark in the olden days. There were some very interesting tombstones in the cemetery and very old ones! Tom is flying home today, so we will get to see him for a bit before we fly out tonight.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone when we get home!

See everyone soon!!

Love Cindy and Kath

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