We spent the last 2 nights in Newcastle. The day we arrived we checked into our hotel and then decided to go out and do a city sightseeing bus. The bus was really cheap and we were tired of walking so it was a great way to see the sights. There are 7 bridges within a mile of each other along the river, one of them is similar to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but much small, designed by the same person who did the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We saw the Newcastle United Football Club (soccer), a Chinese Gate, a castle, some old wall and of course the 7 bridges… We were only able to do one straight loop before the service finished for the day, so we hopped off at the train station and went for lunch in the city before heading back up to the hotel. We both slept really well the first night…

Yesterday morning we got woken up really early by the tv just randomly turning on a few times… I kept waking up and asking Kath if she was asleep, despite seeing her fast asleep, I thought I should check. After our continental breakfast we decided to go back to the city and ride the bus again, after all it was a 24hour ticket… At lunch time we hopped off the bus and headed to a pub for lunch. We both had nice meals. Once we were full we decided to head to the cinemas to see the new Twilight Saga film Eclipse. There were huge ques so we bought express tickets through the ticket machine.. After the film it was quite late in the afternoon so we headed back to the hotel and had an early night.

Today we packed up early and caught the bus to “Central Station”, the driver didn’t actually tell us that the bus didn’t stop there, despite me asking him, so we actually travelled for miles out of the city centre, by the time we caught a bus back into the city, we had missed our train by a mere 4 minutes… So we had some lunch then caught the next train to Carlisle.

Jonathon met us at the train station with Eve, she has grown alot since we last saw her… he then brought us back to their house and we said hello to Emma and the dogs and new kitten – Mimi… This afternoon we went for a walk with Jonathon, Eve and the dogs.. then we chilled out and played with the cat and dogs.

we have 4 nights here then we are off to Edinburgh.

Chat soon,

Love Us

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