Yesterday we went into the town to check out the medieval part of the city.. The main shopping area is surrounded by a medieval wall, which is still standing today. We saw the York Mister Cathedral, it is really big and nice from the outside. We were feeling quite hungry so we found pub which had a good meal deal on and ate there. The pub itself was down in an old cellar. It was really cool in there. We both had good meals and a drink each. After we were finished there we wandered through the town and went to some markets that were on. There are some odd shops in York, like a shop full of all things cat, cups, wine glasses, jelly moulds etc. We went down a famous street in York known as The Shambles – it is a narrow little street with old fashioned shops on it. There was a candy store which had all the walls covered in different types of lollies in containers and jars, and you had to get them measured for weight and that to buy them… quite old fashioned we thought. We also found a York chocolate shop, we bought some chocolate fish in there. We went and saw Clifford Tower and ate some chips and chocolate there while having a rest. We then made our way along the river and over some bridges to the National Railway Museum. We saw a train from Japan, which on the inside looked like an airplane, there was also a board talking about a hover train which is being tested in Japan as well. We saw a nice looking American train and all the old fashioned British trains. We also saw the Royal Train, which the royal family uses, should they wish to travel by train somewhere. We played on some interactive games and I climbed into a tiny double decker bus kids ride… not as squishy as it looks… haha. We were then feeling quite tired so we headed back to the hotel for the evening.

Today we went into the town again and had some lunch in a Yates pub (a cheap chain pub).. We both got all day breakfasts, they were delicious and very very filling! We walked on the medieval town wall and it was spitting all day on and off. We went into some more shops and wandered around the town some more and had a look into some more little side streets, it is a maze you could definitely spend days in there and still not see everything. Both days in the town there have been musicians, singing and playing instruments, they are really good and very relaxing to listen to. There is definitely a different atmosphere here compared to other places we have been too, maybe because it is such a small town and people here just seem more relaxed and not so rushed with life.. (I guess we have just come from London).. When the rain started to get heavier we headed back to the hotel, via the SPAR to pick up some dinner. The first time since we have been away I was declined to buy alcohol! Despite having my licence, the lady claimed they only took British Driving Licences as a form of ID. I told her we had been in the 2 days previous and not even been asked.. I felt really humiliated… Stupid Girl!

York has been a lovely little town and I would definitely come back here again. We came to the conclusion that the men in York are nice and the Ladies are just rude and unhappy! haha

Photos to come up shortly.

Updates next for Newcastle (after we have been there haha!).

Love Cindy and Kath

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