Wow – well people told me that I would love London… and I would have to say that I did – I had a brilliant time there. We were so busy the whole week – it was insane.

On Wednesday we went to the Monument of the great fire, It this massive thin column – which you can go up and see 360 degree views of  London. There were soooo many stairs (I think about 312 stairs) to climb up but the views were pretty good – they would have been much better before all the buildings around it were built.

We then walked to the Tower of London which is famous for holding the Royals crown jewels – the place isn’t a tower it’s a massive fort next to the river – back in the olden days it was also used as a prison, torture chambers and executions. But we went there for the crown jewels mainly. We got in there for free (woo London Pass) and saw the traitors entrance, which is where traitors were brought in by boat through this gate (from the Thames) and into he fort where they were then dragged to the prison. Guy Fawkes was brought here after his attempt of town hall and all the royal family and important people.

We then went to the crown jewels. They have a lot of boring golden plates and big steins and things which look so delicate and very old. We got to the good stuff – but we couldn’t take photos… they have travelators to go pass the crowns and septars so you couldn’t just stand in front of them which I thought was a good idea. The amount of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires that these puppies had was insane! They have two very impressive diamonds (Cullinan I & Koh-i-Noor) – the jewels in total are something like 23,500 – how shiny is that!! We then went and saw an exhibition on the armour worn by the kings hundreds of years ago. You could see how big and how small some were.

After wandering around there for a little bit we kept going and went to the tower bridge – where we could go up and see the history of the bridge and the stunning views. It was pretty cool – thankfully we got a lift ride up and didn’t have to climb any stairs. haha.

We then went and saw the HMS Belfast which has a sister in Sydney (which we saw when we went to Sydney). It was pretty cool but we didn’t stay to long here as the day was getting on. We then got some lunch in an Italian restaurant and kept going to the transport museum where we saw old trains, buses, coaches, the underground back in WW2. We also played some interactive games where you could drive a underground train – the museum was great.

We then went out to Chelsea to an Independent film cinema where we saw the film – Whatever Works- which was a brilliant film. The same guy directed Vicky Christina goes to Barcelona. We also got to see that for free and we finished the night off with free tokens in a timezone place.

That day we got 60 pounds worth of value each. So we made our moneys worth double.

On Thursday we went to St Paul’s Cathedral… It was nice for a church. The outside is impressive. We then went to  Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and did a tour around here – It was interesting to see the history behind the theatre and the techniques applied to creating effects back in the day. The theartre itself is a close spitting image to what it would have looked like back in the day (thatch roof and everything). I was a little disappointed in they didn’t have much on Shakespeare. (except from the gift shop).

After that we went bowling!! Cindy beat me.. but we didn’t play so great!

After that we went back to the city and walked around – we ended up buying tickets to the theatre that night – like and hour before the performance. We were going to see…. Priscilla Queen of the Desert. We grabbed some dinner and then walking past Leicester square we saw the Eclipse Premier (twilight movies)… we couldn’t see anything as too many people and baracades blocking us out so we just heard screams. We then went to the theatre.

We were up soooo very high – up in the balcony but we had a good view. The show was brilliant – so clever and funny – it was brilliant.  It was nearing midnight when we got back to the hostel.

Friday we went and saw the entrance to the leaky cauldron… and bought tickets to see Oliver that evening. We went back to the hostel to eat dinner and get ready. We also had balcony seats but I think there was many people attending that night because they closed the balcony so we were upgraded to the 2nd row in front of the stage. At first I was put off thinking I would be too close – but it was pretty good. The kids were great in the performance and the adults were brilliant. It was much different to Priscilla which I enjoyed more but the show was still good.

On Saturday – was Pride Day! We got to Trafalga square and went to the stalls where organisations were giving things for free so we got some pens, badges, stickers, posters, magazines, keyrings… so we got lots of free stuff.

Stonewall which is an charity for LGBT – but they had the best brand at pride. They had t-shirts that said – SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY – get over it and  Love your inner lesbian. haha so we wanted to buy the t-shirts but they weren’t selling any on the day (which we thought was a missed opportunity) – so you can buy them online ( and

Anyway the parade was awesome – so many companies and organisations were marching proudly (nothing like home)… We had politicians, the armed forces, police, fire, ambos, sporting clubs – I was asked to play hockey for a club lol. Businesses like British Airways… They weren’t letting normal riff raff like us in the march – but I didn’t like being told to go behind the barriers so I just pretended I was an official photographer and I got to stand on the VIP side of the barrier – muahahahaha… After a while Cindy snuck back over and we joined the parade – everyone was clapping us and we had a ball. We ended up catching up with Stonewall and hung out with their float.

This parade stopped traffic literally – Pride shut down Baker Street, Oxford Street, Regent Street to Trafalgar square.  It was brilliant… whereas back home we used to start of at town hall and block off a little portion of George street… we now start at Roma street and go back streets… Doesn’t show the same message does it.

Pride was brilliant we hung out at Trafalga square all afternoon watching the performance and people getting up on the big fountains in the middle and then watching them getting told off and then security getting into the water to drag them off… haha good times. When we left I saw that they were wearing waders (what fisherman wear)… and standing in the fountain making sure no one would be going in. I thought it was funny.

We then went to Westminster and walked over the bridge there and went back to the timezone like place and did some bowling and games – it was fun and when we got out it was near 11 and the eye was glistening in rainbow colours.  Pretty cool. We went back to the hotel.

On Sunday we got up bright and early as we were on a tour to go to the Stonehenge, Bath and Salisbury. Stonehenge was good, small and rocky. The amount of people there was crazy… you couldn’t go up to the rocks but I thought it was amazing that these rocks are still like that after however many years…. We then went to Salisbury where we saw the cathedral there and the original magna carta which is a legal document back in the day saying the rights of the kings people – and the responsibilities of the king. That was cool.

We got some lunch there and also walked around the town. It was good.

We then stopped at Bath – where we saw the Roman Baths. The brains behind the Romans were way ahead of the times – the genius to come up with the plans for them were so clever. The baths were great.

Bath is an Amazing town – I would go back there in a second – it’s so beautiful.

That night we got Chinese for dinner ( sooo good)… guy gave us free prawn crackers.

On Monday – we slept in and then packed our bags. We went to the train station and jumped on a train to go to East Midlands Parkway station (in the middle of nowhere) where our megabus was waiting for us to take us the rest of the way to York.

We got to our hotel and we’re right up the top and have a nice view if you peer out the window. We went to the pub for dinner where the owner was very nice and chatty… After dinner we went to the SPAR and got some drinks and snacks and went back to our room. The SPAR guy was also very friendly….

We then called some people and had a good time chatting to them.

Today is now Tuesday and all we have done so far is lie in bed.

Photos will be up this afternoon…. maybe.

Love us. xoxo

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