London Sunday-Tuesday

Well we’ve been busy busy beavers the last few days.

Sunday – we headed to Wandsworth to a pub there called the Ship. We beat Simon there so we got a drink and hung out in the sun. It was so hot… I skulled my beer… We met up with Simon when he arrived – He’s changed so much and London has been great to him, We had a great catch up and his pub had some new ciders that we tried (Cindy’s cider page has been updated). England lost 4-1… hahaha suckers. We got back and CSI sunday was on TV… So we died in the heat while watching tv.

On Monday we moved to the other side of London to Brixton where the other hostel is. Its much cooler here… we’re in an 8 bed dorm, and we’re sharing with 4 live in girls… who are very messy. After checking in and making our beds we headed back to the city and picked up our London Pass which I will talk about later. We then walked to the British Museum and checked that out. The only thing I really liked was the Rosetta Stone (How scientists were able to decode Hieroglyphics), that was awesome to see – I remember our Egypt guide being quite annoyed that Britain had it. We then walked to a nice little park and sat for a while, I fell asleep… lol It was nice and cool in the shade, after a while we headed back to Brixton and got stuff for dinner.

Okay so explaining our London Passes. We bought a 3 day London pass for 62 pounds each and we get free access to a whole bunch of attractions, you get up to 80 pounds a day.

So today (Tuesday), we got up early ( I know, it was hard) and it was raining quite hard but by the time we were ready the rain vanished and we went to the London Zoo and got free access to that and saw lots of cool animals and also saw where they filmed a scene of Harry Potter. My favourite animals were the sleeping Otters and the yellow frogs. We stayed there for a few hours before continuing back into the city and went to the Jewel tower (free access) – its an old tower (the old parliament/storage area) back in the 1800’s (I think). It was pretty cool, we then had an Ice lolly to cool down.

After our break, we went to the Churchill War Rooms (free access) which is like a basement underground where Winston Churchill ran the British War movement against Germany and Japan in WW2. It was very interesting to read and see what it was like 70 odd years ago. After the museum we headed to the river and jumped on a river cruise (free access) and went down the river Thames and saw the London Bridge, Tower of London and went all the way to Greenwich and saw the outside of National Maritime Museum. We just took the boat back once it got to the end.

We then got the metro back to hostel, had dinner and now bing bang boom – the blog is done! So our total spending for our London Pass is 50 pounds each so we’ve nearly made our money back and we still have 2 days left.

Tomorrows an even earlier morning… going to see the crown jewels…ooo 🙂

Until next time,

Love us.

P.s will put photos up now.

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