Our last few days in Brighton then arriving in London

Our last few days in Brighton were very relaxed. It was really nice weather while we were there and some days it was extremely hot. Everyday we were in Brighton we walked along the waterfront to the pier. One day when we were there we had a ride on an old electric train down to the marina. When we arrived at the marina we saw a main fishing spot, which you actually had to pay money to fish at. We then got an icecream and looked at the boats as we walked along the boardwalk.  The last day in Brighton we had fish and chips by the water and had some drinks in the afternoon.

On Thursday we made our way up to London. We checked into our hotel and had some lunch in a nearby pub. We then headed to the Roundhouse in London to pick up our tickets to see Tegan and Sara. We waited in line for an hour before we were let in. Unfortunately when we bought our tickets they only had standing ones available, but when we arrived we saw people in seats. Kath asked an Usher how to get a seat and they said it depended on what website you booked through. So we got some bottles of water and stood in the mosh pit. After about 1 hour it was getting to hot in there so we found a spot to stand in the back of the theatre to watch the concert. As usual Tegan and Sara were great. It was quite annoying as there were lots of men there and they were really tall so you could barely see.. but we just moved around a lot to see. After the concert we were exhausted so we headed back to the hotel. It was boiling hot and the room didn’t have air conditioning… So we slept with the window half open.

The next morning, after a long sleep in, we headed out into the city to get some new Waterproof shoes. Finally there were some in Kath’s size. We then headed to meet up with the Free Walking Tour. There were about 30 of us in the group. We saw saw Buckingham Palace, The Clock Tower (Big Ben), Trafalgar Square, and some parliament buildings. After the tour we were exhausted so we got a snack and then headed down Oxford St to find Primark to buy some socks. Oxford St is a really really long street! After an hour or so of walking we finally got there and got some new socks (to go with the new shoes, so they don’t stink), we then sat in a park for a while, as the metro stop we tried to go in was closed. When it was finally open we headed back to the hotel. By the time we got to the pub near our hotel it was quite late. So we had dinner then came back for a relaxing evening.

Today we went on a Harry Potter expedition, to find different filming locations. Our first stop was Kings Cross, which of course is the famous Platform 9 3/4. It took us ages to find it, as it is not actually between platform 9 and 10… It is in a little hidden part half way down platform 8. We both had pictures with the trolley going through the wall. Our next stop was Grimauld Place (Sirius Black’s house), we then made our way through some gardens and past the Royal Courts of Justice to Gringotts Bank (Australia House). Australia House is not open to the public, and its not open on the weekends so we couldn’t even peek inside… We then walked past some churches and made our way to Diagon Alley… After that we made our way along Regent St to Hamleys Toy Store.. I think it is the largest toy store in the UK. They have just released the new Harry Potter Wii game, so there were people dressed up as Hogwarts students and Lego Statues of some of the characters, it was really cool. The toy store is 5 floors high.. It also has Game in there (like EB games in Aus) and Build a Bear workshops. It is a really cool toy store.

We are now back in the hotel and are going to have an early night so we can get up early tomorrow. I hope it cools down here soon, it is absolutely boiling here… they make announcements in the Underground telling you to carry water at all times and if anyone passes out to give them some water… Haha we don’t get any announcements at home like that, mind you we have aircon on our public transport.

We are meeting up with one of Kath’s uni friends, Simon tomorrow. Then we change to a hostel on Monday.

Chat soon

Love Cindy and Kath

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