We have spent the last 3 nights in Birmingham, this is our last night before heading back to Cardiff for the Ale and Cider festival. We have had a good time here and have pretty much relaxed and not done much touristy stuff. Our hostel is ok, the room is quite small, they have a big screen tv and all the gaming consoles. They also have a fish tank – Which really really needs a clean, poor little fish!

The first day we were here we went to the cinemas and saw Iron Man 2 – it was the tinest cinema, the screen wasn’t even a third of the standard size screen. Nonetheless the movie was good and the cinema was fairly quiet.After the movie we went to the supermarket to get some dinner and when we came out it was pouring rain, and it wasn’t letting up, so we walked in it back to the hostel. We discovered that our shoes are no longer waterproof! We both ended up with soaking jeans and socks…So we dried everything off and had a dry and relaxing evening.

Thursday we headed out to a small town called Bourneville. It was in this town that the world famous Cadbury Chocolate was born! Walking from the train station past the factory to the Cadbury World you could smell chocolate in the air. The tour was good. There were lots of movies, interactive displays and even a ride! We got lots of free chocolate which was great. We watched a video on how they make Roses Chocolates and the Cadbury chocolate sticks.. It was really interesting. We got to write our names in chocolate and make a “chocolate creation”, which you just tell them which sweet (eg marshmallow, shortbread, wine gums etc) you wanted and they poured warm runny chocolate over it. It was quite tasty but very sweet after a few mouthfuls. There was an interesting film showing when they were first creating Cadbury and how close they were to giving up on it… I couldn’t imagine a world today with out Cadbury, in my opinion it definitely stands out as one of the best chocolates. Cadbury was one of the first company’s that gave their employees good benefits like sick days and holidays. I think they would be a great company to work for! We did have a few suggestions for their gift shop though, like squishy chocolates, or shot glasses. The shop was quite lacking in creative ideas, which we were quite disappointed about, considering it is meant to be the biggest Cadbury shop in the world! After we were all chocolated out we caught the train back to Birmingham.

We have had a quite day today, we went out for a nice lunch and Kath is playing the wii this afternoon and I am going to read my book (my last one)… I have read 4 books since being back in the UK.. they are so cheap over here.. Kath has  read more then me, but she is much faster at reading then I am.

We hope everyone isn’t freezing too much..

It is getting warm here and we love it, most days!

Chat soon

Cindy and Kath

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