Bristol and Cardiff

SOur trip to Bristol was quite short – we needed to change buses in Exeter… We slept for most of the journey. When we arrived in Bristol, we found our hostel very easily… unfortunately they close the reception and luggage room at 11am and we arrived at 11:05  – so no one was around. We had to cart around our big bags around till 2pm… we just went into KFC and sat on their comfy seats had lunch and stole subways wi-fi.  We then walked up and down the main shopping street to see what shops they had around.

At 2 we checked in and cindy made the beds – we were in an 8 bed female dorm… Cindy didn’t like the look of her mattress so we swapped them with a nicer looking one. After our beds were made we went to explore the shops. We went to Primarks (to look for new jeans for me as mine have big holes in them) didn’t find any good jeans so we went and looked in Mountain warehouse for shoes but they only had the exact same shoes we’ve already got. We went into a toy shop and bought a tiny snakes and ladders/ludo game.  Toys/Boardgames are so much cheaper here. We bought some books from a cheap bookstore… We went and saw Iron Man 2 at the movies that night – we enjoyed it – we snuck our microwave popcorn in. After the movie we got back and had our dinner and read our books.

The next day we walked around the city and along the river. We saw their really cool water features and went to the Aquarium. It was really good, Cindy liked the big nemo tank, the octopus tank and the seahorse tank. We saw a 3D film on sharks (it wasn’t great,but still quite fun to watch). We had some lunch then went back in and saw the staff feeding the octopus. After a while we got tired and walked back to the hostel. We chatted to 2 ladies in our room that night (1 polish and 1 German)… Cindy didn’t like her mattress so we swapped it for another one…

The next day we did the site seeing bus around Bristol and saw the SS Great Britain (an old boat that sailed to America, Africa and Australia), Cathedral, the Zoo, Clifton Suspension Bridge (which we got off and walked across, it’s an awesome looking bridge and very high up). We got some more books and went back to the hostel to read them.

On Thursday we caught the bus to Cardiff, Wales. It was a nice bus trip – the driver was quite nice. When we arrived, we met up with Colin and Holly who had come to pick us up… they saw the South African Rugby team get off their bus. We had a short trip back to Colin and Fiona’s house and met up with Fiona, Max and Rosie. They have an amazing house, with a lovely backyard. We put our bags in our room and settled in, we had some nice lunch and chatted with the kids. That afternoon, Colin took Cindy and I to Castle Coch (Red Castle).We got in half price with our Historic Scotland cards. It was a nice and little castle and the rooms we all decorated and even had a tiny little church in one of the towers.  After we finished looking at the castle, we met up with Colin and we went home. We had a nice quiet evening sitting outside and had yummy spaghetti for dinner.

On Friday we did our washing and late morning Colin took us to the Big Pit which is an old coal mine just outside of Cardiff. It was awesome, you got to wear a helmet and torch and you walk through the mine how it really was back in the day. The guides were great and it was really good. It was much better than the salt mines in Krakow that we went too. This mine was only 90m deep though but was still really good. We saw the bath rooms, a museum and an audio visual presentation which was great – what was insane was – it was all free! If anyone is going to Wales – I would say you should definitley go here because it was great!

On driving back home, we went past Caerphilly castle which is huge… apparently Merlin was shot here at one stage. If you watch Dr Who or Torch wood – They are shot here in Cardiff. That night, Colin and Fiona took us all out for dinner at Cardiff Bay – We went to wagamama’s – we all had massive meals and all were delicious. After dinner, Colin, Max and Holly showed us around the bay – we saw an old Norwegian Church, A lighthouse boat, some memorials,  Pierhead Building, we were also lucky enough to see some baby swans. Fiona, Cindy and I watched an old movie called the Jewel on the Nile with Kathleen Turner and Micheal Douglas – It was good, but the visual effects were hilarious to watch.

The next day, Cindy and I went into the city to have a look around. Wales was playing South Africa in Rugby that afternoon so everyone was out wearing their respective jerseys – there was alot of red around. We had lunch in a nice big pub. We walked around some shops and looked at things – didn’t really buy much – We saw that next weekend there is a ale and cider festival back here – so we are probably going to come back to go to it.

That night Fiona made us an amazing dinner – ham and leek pie. It was sooo good – I think I could have licked my plate. haha. We did the dishes and then said goodnight.

Today we hung out with the kids and helped them do drawings and build lego. Had a good time. In the Afternoon – Colin drove us in the city to our hostel. We thought we would stay in town for 2 nights to get the feel of the city life – we will probably go out tomorrow night.

The internet is great here – so we will try and skype tomorrow.

Hope all is well – talk soon.

Love us.

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