Santander to Plymouth

We arrived to the ferry port early as usual. We checked in and had to wait for an hour and a half before we were allowed to board. When it was time to board the boat we had to go through security.  It was nothing like the security at the airport, we just threw our bags onto the x’ray machine and walked through the metal detector.  The boat was massive. We had to go up 4 levels to get to our “recliner seat”. We realised that our seats were not in the same row, so we went down to the reception area on the boat to complain, they told us to come back later and they would see what they could do. We wandered around the boat and checked out the facilities. The pool was empty, which we were quite sad about it (obviously they don’t think it is hot enough yet for it). There were 2 restaurants and an cafe area on one floor, 3 floors of cabins, our floor had our seating area and the pool and pool bar area. We walked out onto the decks then decided to go for a drink while we waited to set sail. There were 3 types of ciders on board, which I was quite happy about, drinks were very reasonably priced as well.

After we finished our drinks and were out onto the open ocean we went down to talk to the reception again, this time they told us the area was completely full and there were no seats available together, we were really annoyed about that especially since we booked a month in advance and arrived to check in 2 hours early. We spent the rest of the evening in various parts of the ship, a few hours in the bar, on the decks and just hanging out until we were ready for sleep.  They had live bands on the boat and various other entertainment. We headed to our seats for sleep at 11.30pm and it turned out that there were people sleeping in our seats and on the floor in front of my seat. We went down to the reception to ask for different seats, magically there were seats available together and the woman gave us new seat numbers. When we arrived upstairs, we discovered people in those seats as well.. Not wanting to be total pains we decided we would just sit in some other seats. As soon as we got comfortable a man came in and told us we were in our seats. I was very fed up at this stage so I went down to the reception and complained about it. The security guard came upstairs with me to tell us where to sit, he gave us one seat that was at the end of a row that was already full of sleeping people, and the other seat had someone lying on the ground infront of it.. Kath asked the guy if she was just expected to stand on the guys head and sleep with him at the bottom of her seat. He then went downstairs to “see what he could do”. When he returned he told us he would give us a cabin for no extra cost and he was sorry about what had happened.

We carted all of our luggage down to the cabin and felt extremely relieved that we were upgraded. It was midnight by this time (1am Spanish time), and we were exhausted. We had a twin room, which was like bunk beds, but the top “bunk” actually folded down from the roof, it was really cool. We also got an ensuite in our room. There was no windows in the room, so it was a bit stuffy, but we were thrilled to not have to sleep next to random snoring strangers.

I didn’t sleep too well as I was worried I would sleep through the alarm and we would be rushed to get off the boat. We woke on time and had showers. We then packed all of our stuff and went for some breakfast. We shared a “Full English Breakfast”. It was quite tasty. We then got all of our stuff from our cabin and went upstairs to watch the sea for the rest of the journey. When we arrived in Plymouth we disembarked the ship and we had to go through immigration. I got through with only a few questions and Kath went through fine as usual. We made our way out of the ferry terminal and tried to find our way to the hostel.

After about 45mins of walking (and advice from several locals on directions) we made it to the hotel. We were really exhausted from the walk, it was over 2.5km with our packs, up several hills! We were too early for check in and the apprentice kid told us to come back in 30 mins. We decided to go to the city centre to get some lunch and go to the post office for a box. We found a cheap pub and we both had huge meals, I had a great Chicken Tikka Misala and Kath had a Beef and Bacon Burger. Both of our meals were great and very very filling. We then found the post office and got a box so we could post some more stuff home.

We made our way back to the hotel and packed up our box of stuff to be sent home. That night we went out to meet up with Amanda (a girl we met in Dublin) and her sister. We walked up and down the hills for the 3rd time that day to the city centre, only to find out that the Weatherspoons in Plymouth is very strict and and was checking nearly everybody’s ID. Kath left hers back at the hotel, so we had to walk there and back. When we got back again the security guard made some comment at us, I couldn’t hear what he said over the music, but I think it was some smart comment about us getting Kath’s ID. Amanda and her sister arrived just after 9pm and we had some drinks there before moving on. We went into several different bars and had a few drinks. We called the night quits at 1.30am. We wandered back to the hotel, it was about 2am and went to bed.

We had to get up by 8.30am the next morning for breakfast. They made a good full England Breakfast. It was delicious. We then went back to bed and had a lazy morning. In the afternoon we headed back to the city (in the rain this time) to take our 8.9kg package to the post office. Posting was quite expensive unfortunately, but we are relieved to have a bit more room in our bags. We had a look at some new shoes, but they didn’t have Kath’s size in the ones she wanted. Kath also had to get a new belt, as hers was completely broken, we got one for a bargain price of 1pound!!!

We had a healthy lunch and went to the supermarket. We got 6 different types of ciders and some ice to keep it cold. We both got ID’d in the supermarket. We went 5 months in Europe and not once did we get ID’d in a pub or buying alcohol and the minute we get into the UK we have been ID’d in over 5 places so far. We went back to the hotel and hung out that night. I had an afternoon nap as I was completely exhausted from lack of sleep over the past few nights.

We got up early this morning for our breakfast. It was delicious again! We then got ready and headed into the town. We wandered through the town to the waters edge. We saw that there was a marathon going on. I was quite jealous. We walked through part of the course and found the harbor area. It was a nice little area that seemed completely different to the rest of the town. There were lots of fish and chip shops and pubs. We got some chips and sat on the edge of the water. There were scary big seagulls there…

We then made our way back to the city centre to try and find our bus station for tomorrow morning. We then went back to the hotel and are getting ready for an early night tonight.

Tomorrow we go to Bristol, a 4 hour bus trip. We will be doing a day trip to the Stone Henge from there.

Chat soon.


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