Toulouse and Santander…

Wow… this is our last Europe blog update. Our time over here is just flying by. It’s quite sad to think in 2 months the adventure will be over.

Toulouse was a nice break, the room we booked turned out to be a self contained apartment… we actually had a bedroom separated from the kitchen and toilet.  We walked to the supermarket and bought ingredients for dinners.

We out into the city – It’s not as nice as bordeaux… we walked around the city and ended up finding a massive market that was packed full of people… Nothing really good… nothing like the markets at home. We walked along the water and saw a man passed out face to the grass – he actually looked like he could have been dead. But no one looked at him like he was dead… so we kept walking.

It was boiling hot here… our tans came back and even a little burn.

We caught the bus on Sunday afternoon and it was an okay journey… we arrived in Barcelona at 9pm and caught another bus at 10pm to go to Santander… this bus ride was a little annoying because the guy behind was very annoying.

We arrived here in Santander around 9 in the morning and saw our hostal was right outside the bus station. So we leave our bags and go for a walk along the river and find the info place to get a map. The heat was insane… We walked and decided to get something to eat and sit in the shade of the main square… We realised it was a mans club… so many old dudes were out in there little groups chatting in this square and they all wanted a shaded seat.

We checked into our room mid afternoon, it was okay – nice little kitchen next to the bed haha. Santander is very busy but very behind the times… there is no real westernised shops/chains to be seen which is very odd considering its a big port city.

Today we went to the beach thinking a nice day on the sand relaxing in the sunny warmth would be nice. Wrong… first half hour was nice as we took a long walk down the beach, we sat up on a rocky hill and watched people… then the clouds came and took away the heat… so after an hour or so we walked back to the bus stop and we made it in time… It started to rain just after we made it on the bus.  The rest of the day was horrid weather… we went out for a walk and printed our e-ticket for tomorrow and went to the shop and spent all our euro coins… (my wallet is much lighter now).

Hopefully the weather improves for tomorrow as I’d love to be lying on a sun bed on our cruise boat with a beer in hand watching the horizon.

Heres a link to our boat for tomorrow…

Well that’s our last blog for Europe. Next stop Plymouth, England.



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