Our trip to Bordeaux was great – the train was soo comfy… we did sit in the wrong carriage to begin with… but it was the nicest and  comfiest train we’ve had to date.

Bordeaux is very nice – the people have all been nice and we found the hotel very easily. They have great trams here that go along the river.

We checked into our room – of course we’re on the top floor and the stairs are nice and steep and windy!

The first day (the day we arrived) we went out and had lunch and just walked around and saw the grand opera, the water, some nice fountains, found the local supermarket.

We had a nice chicken salad for dinner that night and had a quiet night.

The next day we went out and got milk for our cereal and then after breakfast headed out to do the bus tour around Bordeaux. Their tourist buses are very cheap in comparison to other cities. It was a nice little ride – just under an hour. We didn’t get to sit together which sucked but it was still nice to be driven around and not have to walk for once.

After the tour we walked down the main shopping street and I found the difference between a German town and a French town is that where locals sit in the sun and drink beer – here they drink wine.

The weather here is amazing, we’re actually wearing t-shirts and feeling the sun on your back… We haven’t felt the sun in awhile. They have this cool water mirror thingo where you can walk in this sheet of water (like 2cm deep) and its refreshing but after however long – the water goes away and it’s sprays this mist out and thats awesome!

The lighting from the sun does something to the buildings here – it makes the ugliest building beautiful…. however, there aren’t many ugly building in Bordeaux – they have amazing limestone (I think) buildings.They’re quite WOW. I also like the olden day street lamps – they’re awesome.

After an exhausting day – we bought a roast chicken and potatoes from the supermarket and had a nice dinner.

The next day (today) we jumped on the tourist train which chug’s through the city – down nice little back streets and we saw some roman style ruins – after this tour we grabbed some lunch and took it down next to the river and had a great afternoon lying in the sun watching people cycle/run/skate/walk/hobble past.

The day was a perfect fish and chip day – but the lady from the tourist office just looked at us funny when I asked her if they had any fish and chips shops… suggested Mc Donalds. I don’t think she’s ever been to Australia…

Anyways… we’ve had a great time here in Bordeaux – probably be better if we liked wine. We’re off to Toulouse in the morning – hopefully another lovely train.

– Sorry for horrid blog. I suck at writing.

– Photos will be up for Bordeaux (France) after I post this.

Kath and Cindy

and btw – the person who voted our last blog 2 stars – not happy jan!

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