Prague to Munich


First thing on Tuesday morning we went down for breakfast – It wasn’t great but it was decent and free. We then went up and had showers and slowly got ready. We went off to do the 2pm free walking tour. On the way out we paid for our accommodation and asked about the Kitchen… she didn’t have a problem with it and said she’d unlock it for us during the day.

So we set off to walk about 1.5km to the start point… we stopped at the TESCO – which is a site in itself – It’s massive!! In the fish section – they have LIVE fish – big and small – it was awesome to watch them all swimming around in these tanks… We are not sure if they let you picked which one you want then they killed it in front of you, we didn’t hang around too long to see that.. Things there were very cheap – but we just bought some water and continued on our journey.

We had a nice walk along the water and made our way to the starting point. We noticed everyone standing around staring up at this clock, so we thought we would stand and watch too… It took a very long time, but on the hour the clock started to chime and a skeleton pulled a string to the bell.. There were 4 characters on the clock and each represented a different thing. It was really a major disappointment, given the number of people there we thought it would have been something great! We then decided to have some lunch before the tour, so we didn’t get hungry during it. The cheapest thing was KFC, so we decided to treat ourselves as we have not had it for months! It was really delicious and we got a Longer Menu, which turned out to be 2 6inch BBQ Chicken Rolls, chips and re-fillable soft drink.. We didn’t realise you go so much… Needless to say we were very full after it.. Kath got an extra drink for the road, because it was free and all.. haha.. The tour started in the old town square, it was very old looking… We saw the Jewish Quarter, Prague Castle and the National theater. The guide told us stories about the different things that the Czech people have had to overcome. At the end of the tour we made our way back to the hotel, we had quite sore feet.

When we arrived back we saw that the kitchen in our room was open, so we were very happy with that.. We made some dinner then watched some movies and went to bed.


On Wednesday morning we woke up quite late and went down to breakfast, it was no better then the day before! We explored the town and had a nice long walk along the river. We were going to go on the paddle boats on the river but when we arrived there they were closed, we think for lunch. We found a shop that did a local pastry thing, I can’t remember what it was called(Trdelnik), but it was a roll thing that was really crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and it was covered in cinnamon and nuts. It was quite tasty, though I am glad we shared one as I don’t think I could have eaten one all on my own.. We wandered through the town and along the river. It was quite cold next to the river, and the day looked like it was turning horrible. In the late afternoon we headed back to TESCO and got some things for dinner. When we got back to the hotel we cooked spaghetti bolognase for dinner, it was really tasty, we had heaps of left overs so we kept them for the next nights dinner.


Thursday was out last day in Prague, we walked along the river and went back to the paddleboat place. It was open this time! So we hired a paddleboat for 1 hour. It was quite tiring going up stream. There were ducks on the river and they were really friendly (a little too friendly if you ask me!)… One came right up next to our boat and swam along next to Kath and I tried to paddle away really fast… We saw another company that hired paddleboats, they had a swan boat… I was a bit disappointed we didn’t get to ride around in a swan boat, Kath said she was quite glad as she didn’t want to seem to touristy.. haha.. After our hour was up and we were exhausted from paddling so much, we walked along the river some more and headed into the town. After our legs were at the point of falling off we decided it was time to head back to the hotel. We had our left overs from the night before and packed our bags ready to leave the next morning.


At 4am on Friday morning some lovely chap from Australia called us to try and talk to us about something… I had no idea who he was and what he wanted so in the end I just hung up on him, and he didn’t understand that it was really early and we were overseas… Neither of us got any sleep after that… We were really exhausted when we woke up at 6.30 to get ready to leave. We had showers then headed down to have some of the “lovely” breakfast… When we went to check out the lady on reception had lost our receipt from paying for the hotel. Luckily Kath had the receipt in the top of her bag so we just showed her that and she seemed satisfied. So we headed down the busy streets to the metro and hopped on. We found the bus stop easily enough and we weren’t too early which was good for us. We didn’t have to check in, we just had to show the driver our ticket. When the bus turned up and we went to get on the driver sent us round to the otherside of the bus. So we went around here and we asked the other bus driver if the bus went to Munich and he just said NO! We got pretty stressed out at this point as this was the only bus on the platform and there was no other bus due at the time we were meant to leave, so I ran full speed through the bus station back to the Eurolines counter and asked the lady at the desk, she told me that the bus would be coming shortly, it is probably running late as it has to come from Warsaw (Poland). We weren’t so worried then. Finally our bus turned up 30 mins late, we loaded our stuff and jumped on… Unlucky for me I was sitting behind some lady who wanted her chair back the entire journey. At the first stop that people got off at we quickly moved so we didn’t have to deal with her… We had lunch in some dodgy kebab place in Nurnberg. Kath really enjoyed hers, mine was ok for the first few mouth fulls then was a bit gross. But it was food nonetheless. We arrived in Munich around 4pm and we made our way to the S-Bahn (train). Unfortunately one was at the station when we arrived so we missed it by the time we bought tickets. The train was really full when we got on it so we ended up standing the entire way to Dachau. We had to change trains there and the next train was also really full, so we practically stood all the way to Karen’s stop. Karen is a friend of Jackie’s (from Cologne/Dusseldorf) who offered to have us for a few nights. When we arrived at the station we met Karen and we were obviously the people she was looking for (we had big packs…noone else on the train did haha)… We came back to her place and met Chris her partner. They are both very nice and have a really nice house. We had a BBQ for dinner which was great, as we have not had one since we left home and were really missing them… After dinner we sat around chatting until we were all pretty exhausted. Kath and I then went up to bed and went to sleep. We are staying out a little village on a farm. There are cows and sheep and deer in some field around us. In the backyard there are Tulips growing, it is very peaceful out here. When we went to bed it was so quiet, a shock not to hear the hustle and bustle of city life.

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