Hamburg & Berlin

Tuesday morning was a small lie in and headed to make breakfast. We saw our friend Rachel and chatted to her while we ate breakfast. She was doing the free walking tour as well that day but she left with the guy for the hostel pick-up. We finished our breakfast and went and got ready, then caught the metro to the start point for the tour.

The tour guide was really good, he was from the Netherlands and has been living in Hamburg for awhile now. The tour itself wasn’t as exciting as some of the cities we’ve been too… there’s a few old churches, lots of counting houses, lots of things were destroyed in the great fire of 1842. We saw the building where the gas was made for the Nazis during WW2… I hadn’t known that they used a pesticide and altered it to suit their purposes. We then continued to the old port and the new port. It was a nice walk around the city and it was a lovely day.

After the tour we said goodbye to Rachel and we then headed to the K-Z-Neungammen Camp, which was just outside of Hamburg. It took a while to get there… but we arrived at 4 to realise they closed at 4 (the buildings with the exhibitions). So we walked around the grounds, a lot of the buildings had been torn down over the years. The German/Hamburg Government actually put a penal system (a jail) on the grounds after the war (so that was only torn down in 2003). The ground was quite eerie… we read the information board around the ground and the conditions some of the ‘prisoners’ had. The camp was both a camp and a slave labour camp – as they used to make bricks and dig coal and stuff there. It wasn’t a death camp as such but a lot of killings still occurred, it was quite sickening to see where the ‘camp brothel’ was and the site of the camp crematorium.

After an hour or so, we caught the bus back into the the train station to get the S-Bahn back to the city. We picked up some ingredients for dinner (spaghetti) and headed back to the hostel, the hostel had cooked too much chicken for the school kids that were staying there so we grabbed a lot of chicken and Cindy got the meat of the leg bones for chicken sandwiches for the train the next day. We invited Rachel to have dinner with us and we had a good meal and a good chat… we also started talking to a Canadian guy too.. Rachel gave us some apples for the train the next day.

We had a reasonably early night and this morning packed our bags then headed down and ate breakfast. We then went back upstairs and got our stuff together and went and hung out downstairs until check-out. We saw Rachel and said goodbye (we’re meeting up with her in Berlin in a few days). We headed of the the Hamburg HBF (central station) and am now at the Mc Donald’s drinking an Orange Juice… we just missed the breakfast menu – so just an OJ. German Mc Donald’s are lame as they charge 8 euros for the wi-fi. We don’t know if it’s just Hamburg or all of Germany.

Our train leaves in an hour so we’ll just hang out in Maccas until they kick us out (if they do or not).

Train was very nice and speedy. We ate our chicken sandwiches (they were okay). We found the hostel reasonably easily and the girl on the desk was very nice and upgraded us from a 6 bed female to a twin room (as we’d have to change rooms throughout our stay)… the rooms quite crampy but we have our own bathroom and TV. We went and found a supermarket and bought some stuff for dinner and afternoon tea. This afternoon we looked at tours to do here and stuff to see here in Berlin.

Skype tomorrow – no promises about the speed of the net though.

Photos may be posted for Germany and the last day in Brussels tonight.

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