Belgium – Day One

We’re currently sitting in a pub having a beer/cider. We arrived by train from Antwerp yesterday and found our hotel quite easily. The hotel is very lovely! Nice big room and a great bathroom with a very nice looking bath tub.

After we got settled we went for a walk around the area and found a cheap little place to eat and had a massive meal for 3 euro each. It was good. We then just headed back to the hotel and rested..

Cindy had a nice leisurely bath with a cider in the glass she stole (yes she took a cider glass from a pub in Antwerp).  We then watched some tv in English with french(maybe) subtitles. It was a very relaxing night.

This morning we had a massive all you can eat breakfast.  The hotel offers a free shuttle service into the city at night so we might take that up one night.

So far today we’ve walked around the city a bit and been into a few chocolate stores and bought Cindy an amazing shot glass. Some of the buildings have really cool paintings on them – I’ll put the photos up one time. We saw the manneken pis – which is a tiny little boy peeing statue which is quite cool and apparently they dress him up every now and then. We saw a replica outside a restaurant peeing duvel (a Belgium beer). We then saw the little girl peeing statue called jeanneke pis. Which was pretty cool.

This afternoon we’ll get something to eat and keep wandering the city.

We have no wi-fi in the hotel so we’ll update when we can.

Love to all and hope everyone had a great easter.

Kath and Cindy

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