Amsterdam -> Antwerp

The canal cruise was pretty good, we realised we got a bargain because the price we paid for the tickets was more than half the actual price of the cruise! It was great seeing all the canals and bridges all lit up. It was an enjoyable evening!

The next day we went to the Anne Frank house. There was a big line, but we were prepared for it… It didn’t take as long as we thought it was but it was freezing because there was a really cold wind. The museum was okay, it was quite sad when you hear the audio accounts from Meip and Otto. The attic was really small and it makes the memory of the diary come to life. It would have been nicer if it wasn’t so busy… The man behind Cindy kept standing on her feet.. It was packed… Its like that everyday… they charge 9 euros a person… They must be making a killing…. I don’t agree with that at all.

After the house we went back to the hostel and had lunch… at this stage it decided to hail… which was crazy.. next minute the suns out… This side of Europe, the weather is very bi-polar. We then went out walking around the city some more.

That night, we were chatting to some British girls, when these 2 girls come in… One must be sooo drunk because she’s stumbling around, and finally collapsed into her bed and pretty much passed out there and then. The British girls were just about to start playing a drinking game which they invite us and the other girl to play. As they were drinking only vodka and juice, we decided to watch. The other girl agreed and it was a very funny couple of hours, I was rolling around laughing at some of the stuff they said. The girl who joined in with them got so drunk that she forgot which bed was hers and about to pass out in someones else bed and she would not be told, because she was insistent that it was her bed… We finally convince her that her bed was on the other side of the room next to her passed out friend… she then goes to the bathroom and takes her locker keys in with her (Cindy was like that’s odd, because she didn’t come back out with them). Anyways so the British girls go out, and we get ready for bed (time is probably 11),… an hour later the girls come back and not very quietly pass out.

The next morning the girl who took her keys to the bathroom, well she couldn’t find them and it was only until she used the bathroom – she found them… I laughed. The other girls apparently went out and nothing was happening so they got high and came back… They didn’t feel well the next day… I guess drinking and marijuana isn’t a good combo.

We walked around the city today and looked at doing canal bike rides but the weather was horrible so we put it off and just walked around. In the afternoon, the sun and blue skies came out and we thought we’d see if the canal bikes place was still open (it was 6pm)… so we walked all the way there and it was closed, so we just head back to the hostel where most of the girls have just been lying all day in bed (Nice way to see Amsterdam). They went out again that night to see a sex show… turned out its too expensive and just walked around and hung out at a ‘coffee shop’.

I enjoyed Amsterdam, it’s a nice city… but too many people who we met were just all about the drugs… but we liked the architecture and loved the Heineken Experience.

We were first ones up the next morning and Cindy showered.. I started to feel quite ill, sore throat and a yukky cough.. We headed to the bus stop to catch the bus to Antwerp. It was very busy on the roads (everyone going away for the weekend) and we arrived later than expected. We found the hostel rather easily. Its not the nicest hostel we’ve stayed at… Cindy leant on her bed and it collapsed… so we changed beds. After we got settled we decided to go explore the city, we walked down the main street and got something to eat for late afternoon lunch… we then shared a delicious waffle (It was superb)! We saw an Authentic Australian Ice cream store… I didn’t know we made great ice-cream… who knows.

It was starting to get lateish and the rain had followed us, so we headed back to the hostel and hung out.

Today, I am still not feeling 100% but am doing much better. We walked around Antwerp. The train station is probably one of the nicest buildings here. Its amazing. There was this ‘trapped monster’ which is this massive inflatable dinosaur which you can go in and be eaten and see what its like in the stomach of a dinosaur. Looked pretty cool, but we passed it up to go to a pub and try a new beer and cider each. We went to the back of the zoo where they have windows peeking into some of the enclosures – we saw rabbits and a couple of giraffes – the giraffes looked really young (as they were quite short). We headed back to the hostel for lunch and then we headed back out into the sun (which had come out) and walked around the other side of the hostel.

Antwerp is a nice enough town, people seem quite friendly – we’re looking forward to going to Brussels tomorrow.

That’s all for now folks.

Love us.

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