More Paris


We woke up and saw that the weather was quite overcast and not very nice looking… so we decided we would do the Louvre for the day and we had the Illuminations tour that evening. When we arrived it was quite busy (we thought), but we lined up to talk to a person to buy tickets not from a machine. It took a while to get to the lady but we got our tickets really fast… we both got in for free! Haha! Cindy got in with her UK visa (Brilliant)! So we set off into the Sully Area, and saw parts of the old medieval Louvre building, more Egyptian stuff, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Sculptures and Paintings. Some cool things was the sculpture of the dying slave by Michelangelo. The next floor up we saw a lot more paintings but the one we really wanted to see was the Mona Lisa by De Vinci. By this time we were getting a bit over the crowds (you should have seen the crowds in front of the Mona Lisa… The pushing and shoving was incredible. The painting itself is pretty cool. Our tour guide said that a Canadian group used some new software technology to see if she is actually happy or unhappy. Apparently it came back 80% happy. So the Louvre is massive there is soo much to see, to see every single thing apparently you would need to spend 30 seconds on each item for 12 days straight (24/7) Its insane… They’ve collected a lot of stuff so by this time (we didn’t see everything) It was even more packed and insane when we decided to leave it took forever to get out because of the sheer number of people. After this we decided to grab some lunch and then wander the streets around the Louvre, it started to rain – and we weren’t too happy about it! We wandered through the parks and then walked up to the Arc de Triompf to see if we could both get up for free to see the sights from there. The ticket booth lady wasn’t too nice – she gave me a ticket and didn’t give one to Cindy… even when we said the Louvre excepted it… apparently they need the 10 euros per person for a sight of the city not the Louvre. Lame.. So I ran up the 284 stairs to see the sights… I didn’t realise there were so many stairs… I almost died… the sights from the top were nice, you got a nice view of the Eiffel Tower and of the street looking towards the Obelisk, gardens and Louvre. I think charging 10 euros/5.50 for students is a rip off though.

After this we decided to go back to the hotel and get something for dinner, have a shower and get ready for the Illuminations tour. It started to bucket down with rain when we got out of the metro, we bought some nice salads from the Lidl and went back to the hotel to relax for a couple of hours.

At 8:30pm we headed back to the city to get our tour, we arrived at 9pm and nearly everyone was there early… normally we’re the first everywhere. The bus comes a little past half past and we’re off. Our first stop was the Notre Dame – It’s pretty cool in the dark, we stayed here for a couple of minutes before continuing along the river and saw the Conciergerie, we then past the Museu of D’orsay, the national assembly, past the concorde and grand palace and saw the tunnel where Princess Diana died in. We then got the first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower and past the Palace de Chaillot and then stopped at the Eiffel Tower for photos and at 10pm we saw the light show. It wasn’t as cool as we were expecting… We both expected different colours but it was just mini strobe lights all over (Cindy says fairy lights). We then went around the Arc de Triompf a couple of times and then made our way to the Moulin Rouge. The traffic was very heavy in some areas but the Moulin Rouge was in my opinion very cool, there was a massive line that went for around 1km. The wind mill was awesome… Cindy was a little disappointed because it wasn’t like the movie… haha but we continued down the road and saw so many sex shops with flashing neon signs for a life time. Haha, majority of people on the streets were men… go figure haha… and of course the first bar you see outside the Moulin Rouge is a Down Under Aussie Bar (Go Aussies!) haha. On the way back we went to the Louvre and saw the Pyramid all lit up, then we headed back to the start.

We then headed back to the hotel at 1am.


We had a massive sleep in the morning and didn’t get up till around 10:30am and again the weather was horrible… so we took our time getting ready then headed out to walk the streets of Paris, nothing too exciting but we had fun pretending we didn’t speak English to the gypsies who approached us… We thought we would try a french crepe for lunch and had a Fromage and Jamon crepe which is a cheese and ham crepe. It was delicious! Really Really good!

I must admit I think Fromage is a much better word for cheese. Fromage is so much cooler to say.

The weather got worse and became a little bi-polar, so we gave up on it.


This morning we tried to have a nice sleep in but the people next door apparently could sleep through their alarm for 2 hours before waking up. A little annoying. We got up and had breaky. Then headed out to the metro to go to the Luxemborg Parks to walk around and sit in the sun… when it decided to come out. The weather is very bi-polar here… one minute there big black clouds with lightning and rain pouring the next minute its blue skies and sunny. It’s very hard to manage a day.

We went to McDonalds for the Wi-fi and actually bought a meal over 1 euro. The staff were pretty mean… you couldn’t just sit and relax and stay as long as you wanted.. so we made our meal last as long as possible so we could surf the net longer.

We then walked around and saw the pantheon and we’re now sipping on some french champagne with ice-cream for our 34 month anniversary.

Tomorrow we’re busing to Amsterdam for just under a week then we head to Belguim for a while to eat as much chocolate in Easter and drink as many beers as possible…(cider in Cindys case).

P.S – The french are weird –

  1. they have a building that looks at the horrible English Speaking countries and when we bring out a product or saying they have to make it french… Like weekend… they made some funny expression – but apparently the french didnt like it so they still use the word french. They made the iPod male and called it something (I think the iPod is very feminine).. someone thought they made it male because it’s easy to turn on… who knows.
  2. Also they made their own timezone…. they wanted to be the zero hour… not England – so they made their own timezone… and when no one followed their lead and signed on with England… after a while they finally sign up with England… so places in Paris they have the Arago line.

That’s enough for now.

Love us… xoxo

Ps. Photos are up.

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