On Friday we went our for a buffet lunch. It was really good, there was a huge selection of salad and some pasta, pizza, rice and dessert. It was really good and we were very full. In the afternoon we headed off to the train station. I read my book and Kath played some games while we waited for the train. When the train arrived at 10pm, we headed down to the platform and were one of the first ones to jump onto the carriage. Unfortunately it was not like our last sleeper train we had, it was quite squishy. We had quite a bad nights sleep. We found our hostel really easily and the staff were really nice, they gave us breakfast and stored our bags. We then headed out to the city to explore the city. We first went down to the river and sat in the sun. There is a huge bridge and God statue (like in Rio, but not on a mountain) which looked quite cool.

We then wound our way through some hilly streets to a Church and then up the Hill further to a Castle. As we went to enter the main entrance to the castle area, we were stopped by some people filming a movie… we are not sure which one (but some of the people sounded British, we are curious to know what movie it is). We got in with our student cards, which meant we got 50% off the admission fee. The Castle is on top of a hill and looks over Lisbon. We had really spectacular views of the city and the river. It was cold in the shade, but quite nice in the sun. We think that the Castle belongs to a cat family.. there were about 15 cats that we saw in the open, I’m sure there were plenty more in the gardens and around the grounds. The castle didn’t really have any rooms, but had cool towers which you could walk around the whole perimeter and Kath pretended she was a guard!

We saw the film people around a few times, and we saw a troop of Scouts as well. We soaked in some more of the views and had a snack before heading back down the hill. We then went to Rossio Square, it had a few statues and water fountains in it. We had lunch in a little cafe nearby. It was quite nice.

We were really tired by this point so we went back to the hostel and relaxed and showered. At this point we didn’t realise that there was a time difference between Madrid and Lisbon, so we were an hour ahead of time.. That night decided that we would treat ourselves to dinner. The hostel does a big cook up where you get a entree, main, dessert and 3 drinks for 8euros! So we had that for dinner. We got chatting to some American guys and an Aussie guy (from Cairns). The dinner took forever to come out. We had a “meat roll” (some sort of meat rolled up with ham and cheese), rice, chips, salad and breadrolls. It tasted ok, I wouldn’t be in a rush to eat it again though. We were very full by the end of it. Kath had 3 beers and I had 3 lemonades. By that point it was 10pm and Karaoke time. Some of the people were really good. Kath and I didn’t have a go. After hours of karaoke we decided to go to bed. We were both really exhausted so we headed up to bed. We had a spacious room and my bottom bunk has a curtain around it that gives me privacy. The beds are comfy and custom built.

After a great nights sleep we got up this morning and chatted to my family on Skype then had breakfast. We had a bowl of cereal and toast. It was good, though the milk was UHT milk and was warm so that was a bit disappointing, nonetheless it still tasted delicious.

Once we got ready we headed out to Belem, a suburb in Lisbon. We caught the tram there. Unfortunately the first “old” tram was full so we had to wait for the next one, which happened to be a modern one, so we were a bit disappointed with that. When we got off the tram we saw a little car show gathering, it had heaps of Mini Coopers and a Mini Ute, that was my favourite. We then wandered along the river and found a sail boat race happening. It was very windy and some of them looked like they were going to tip over. There was also a little kids competition and they were in tiny little one kid sail boats. They were really cool! There was a huge tower/monument/statue thing that had carvings on it, which were really large and also offered a 360 view of the area. We didn’t go up it, as we saw the view from the castle. We walked through a park to the monastery. There was a service about to begin so they were kicking people out. We went into the Museum and saw some things in there. Then we went over to the Maritime Museum. It was really amazing, it showed some clothes, boats, ships and pictures. There was a section on the Somalian Pirates and how they are dealing with them… not much was in English so we just guessed what it was saying. There was also a section on the royal cabins from the 18th Century. It was good, but smelt a bit funny and old. We then saw some real boats, and some sea planes.

After we were all sea’d out we went to try a famous Pasteis De Belem, which is a pastry shop and we got a Pastel Belem. It had pastry with custard in it. They give you icing sugar and cinnamon with it. I didn’t really enjoy it that much, Kath really liked it and had lots of icing sugar on it. We then we to have some lunch. We got something to go and sat in the sun in the park. It was really nice. We sat in the park for an hour or so then decided to head back to the centre. We caught a tram back, again it was a new one. When we got off the tram we looked at some markets that were out, they weren’t to our liking, so we walked up the main pedestrian street and several times we were approached by men.. they asked us if we would like some Hash or Coke… I asked Kath if he was talking about some Coke a cola… apparently he was not… hahahaha. We then went to the supermarket to get some supplies. Now we are back in the hostel. The rugby is on the big screen and France is thrashing Italy.. So I decided that I might start wearing my jersey again now that it is warmer (and obviously football time).

Tomorrow we are hoping to go to the beach, where we can hopefully hire some free bikes and ride around making the cycling people in our family proud… Hopefully we don’t get run over or run anyone over! Haha.

That’s all from us for now.


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  1. bryce says:

    lol coke is cocaine/ crack no idea what hash is

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