Walking tour and our arrival in Mallorca

On Monday morning we got up early to head into the La Ramblas to try and find the walking tour again. This time we made sure we knew exactly where we were going. We found the place really easily and then went for a walk around the area as we were really early for the tour. The tour was of the Gothic Area in Barcelona. We saw some amazing architecture and were told some great stories about the people who lived in that area. There was a whole section that was surrounded by walls to keep the Jewish people in the one area. During the tour we went to a pub which sold beers for 1euro. Kath had a beer and I just had a sip. At the end of the tour we finished off where we started and the tour guide “shouted” everyone a beer. After that we went to look for somewhere to eat lunch. We went into a few pubs and they didn’t serve food til 7, so we gave up and had a light snack then decided to head back to the hostel. We chatted to a few of the people on the tour and they suggested a few airlines that fly really cheaply to Mallorca. So when we got back to the hostel we had a look at flights, and found one that was slightly cheaper then the ferry and only took 30 mins.

On Tuesday morning we got up and packed our things and got ready to leave. We checked the weather and it claimed it was meant to rain so we put on our big jackets. When we arrived at the airport we were really early, so we thought we would try and check in. The lines were huge, so we decided to try the self serve machine. They were really easy to use, we then got to go in the express que to check in our bags which was great. When we were checking in it claimed that our flight was 35 mins late. Apparently my bag now weighs 17.8kgs. We went through security. Kath beeped on the way through, so she got patted down. We then looked through some of the shops and Kath found a really cool squishy bull, so we got that. We then found a spot to sit and have something to eat. We managed to get a bit of free internet so we checked our emails. 20Mins before we were meant to depart (our original time) we headed to the gate to see what was going on. When we walked past the departures board we saw that our flight no longer had the delay next to it. We walked really fast to the gate, there was only 2 people there and no one on the counter. We were a bot worried that the plane had already boarded. Then over the loud speaker came a voice saying that our flight had been moved to another gate (on the other side of our terminal). So Kath and I walked really really fast (we beat everyone there), and we were then the front of the que. After about 10mins of waiting someone finally turned up and was on the counter. After further waiting we were finally allowed to board the plane. The plane was pretty nice, reasonably small though. The flight was a bit rough and pretty quick. When we arrived in Mallorca we picked up our bags and then headed to the bus. It was boiling hot there. We caught the bus into Palma then from Palma we go the bus up to Port Pollenca. It was a really nice trip, plants are much more alive now then when we first arrived. When we bought the tickets the driver kept saying to Kath “there is nothing in Club Del Sol”, finally Kath just said we are staying in an apartment there and he sold us tickets. All the way through Port Pollenca he kept stopping at stops as if to say you should get off here. Finally when we arrived to Club Del Sol we got off and wandered down the driveway to the apartments… we thought it was quite funny. When we got into the apartment we left our bags and then headed over to Kaths Aunt Maxine’s place. When we arrived Maxine, Kaths Grandpa and his friend were in the car going to take them home. We didn’t think they would see us, then finally when Maxine was about to pull away Kath’s Grandpa spotted us. We had a quick chat to them then Maxine took them home and we went into her house and watched some tv. Apparently they had been watching our flight all morning and it was still saying that it was delayed in Barcelona and was over 275mins late. Maxine had no idea what time we would arrive as it kept saying we were delayed. When Maxine arrived back we had a chat and her and Kath had a drink. We stayed at Maxine’s for dinner that night.

On Wednesday Maxine took us out to the supermarket and we did some grocery shopping. We had a really good burger for lunch. On the way home we went to Kath’s Grandpa’s house and had a drink there. Then we came home and watched some movies.

On Thursday we didn’t do a lot, we went out for a walk to the water and Kath found some sticks and threw rocks into the water. And I picked up some shells. We then spent the afternoon relaxing.

Friday was pretty much the same thing, except we didn’t go our for a walk and we had dinner with Maxine.

Saturday was a lovely day so we decided we would go for a walk to the port and then visit Kath’s grandpa. It was a really nice walk, the sun was shining and the weather was great. Kath wore shorts and a shirt, and I wore jeans and a shirt. On the way we stopped at a really good Kebab place and had lunch. It was really good and very filling. We got a free drink as the guy had to warm up his bread machine and it took a little while. We spent an hour or two with Kath’s grandpa, Bill (his mate) was there so we had to chat to them about our journey. On the way back home we dropped into the supermarket. The weather wasn’t so great after the supermarket. It got really cool, Kath was freezing. When we got home we unpacked our groceries and then relaxed. We walked about 6km (I think).

We had lunch on Sunday in the Nag’s Head, a pub in Port Pollenca. We met Kath’s Grandpa and Bill there. The Rangers Vs Celtic game was on. The game was pretty tense, but Rangers won, Maxine was thrilled! The pub was really nice, I had a new Cider (I am still yet to update the page). After lunch Kath and I went back to Maxine’s to hang out. We watched the Manchester United Vs someone game. Man U one. They played a really good game.

Monday was a fiesta so there was nothing open. Kath and I hung out and watched some movies, I did some more washing, nearly done!

On Tuesday Maxine, Kath’s grandpa, Bill and Kath and I went out for lunch to a buffet. The food was great and the ice cream was fantastic.

Today we helped Maxine seed her field. I had fun.. throwing seed over the field… my sort of work haha. We are hoping for rain so the seeds go into the ground rather then just blow away.

Chat to everyone soon.

Love Cindy and Kath

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