Athens all wrapped up…

We booked our ferry tickets through the Superfast agency around the corner, we decided to go for the airliner seats instead of the room. The pictures of it looked quite good and saved us a lot of money. We then walked around the Plaka and did a little bit of shopping. We also went to the supermarket and picked up some last minute things.

We chatted to a girl from Chilli for a while, but she didn’t seem to want to chat that much.

We had a good time here in Athens, the people were really friendly, and the town is quite picturesk, the roads are lined with orange trees. There are so many stray dogs around and many are very nice, one followed us around for about 10 minutes… then followed someone else…

We got up bright and early the next day to catch the superfast bus to Patras (the port). It took about 3 hours to drive… Being me… I slept for most of it. We got there around 12, so we had at least 4 hours to kill… we checked in and got our tickets… but then it started to pour, bucketing down – we decided to hang out in the port place. We got some nice sandwhich things and ate the rest of our fruit. We played some games and the time went by semi quickly. Came to 4 – and we headed to the boat – still pouring, we jumped on a free bus that drove us like 200m – where we walked onto the boat.

The boat was amazing… Its what a cruise liner would be like (in my eyes)… nicest ferry – thats for sure! We went up 2 escalators up to get to the reception… where they pointed to this room to the right.  We walk through and theres heaps of seats… Very spacious and places to put your bags. It was great, we had 2 hours before the boat was scheduled to depart, so we watched a movie after we got settled into our seats. We went for a walk around the boat and had a look at the restaurant, wasn’t as expensive as we thought. The boat left really smoothly.

There were these 2 tiny kids running up and down the aisles, and the running didn’t bother us…. it was when they got to where we were. They would stop and just stand and stare at you… and they wouldn’t go away… especially if we were watching a movie… and you couldn’t just watch the movie with them there as the movies were either violent or a little bit too adulty for a little kid to watch…  So that was annoying. We had dinner – 2 spaghetti bolognaise from the buffet thingo… They gave us soooo much food… it filled us up.

We then watched another movie, and then cindy wanted to try get some sleep so I asked the reception to come dim the lights in the room… which they did. At about midnight we docked at corfu, to pick up some passengers… so they turned the lights back on and made a lot of announcements. But they turned the lights off after leaving Corfu. The boat was really comfortable.

It got a little rough in patches of the journey but overall – It was a great experience and more fun to a plane, bus or train.

So thats that.

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