Quad Biking, Beach Trip and Mountain Hiking


Well it turned out we didnt need to change rooms, they fixed the aircon while we were out during the day. Today’s activity was quad biking (the activity I have been most looking forward too). We arrived at the Quad Hire place and went out onto the road to find our bikes. My bike was the bike that had the least tread – That would be right! haha. We headed off on the road, clocking in around 60km an hour. We then went off road into the mountains. We drove past  a dead, decomposing camel on the track (not many people saw it). All that remained was the bones and some fur, it was quite disgusting. Along the track one of the Korean girls in our group flipped her bike and it landed on her, she wasn’t harmed just a bruise on the leg. Luckily the instructor was riding with her and was quick enough to pull the bike off her! We continued along the track to a rock that was steep and very smooth. We climbed onto it to see the water marks of where the rain had risen to in the valley. I boosted Kath up onto the rock, then the 2 guides that were with our group insisted on pulling me up and I bashed my elbow on the rock and grazed it. We took a group photo in the valley, which was quite difficult as we set the cameras on timers, we had to take it a few times to get a good shot.  We then went back down to our bikes and headed to another spot. There were 4 of us who were ahead in the group. Kath was in the second group and they didn’t see us turn off onto another track and they kept going. A little kid that was with the instructors jumped onto my bike and sped off after them. Finally he reached them and told them to come back to where we were, apparently the kid flipped his bike, as he was going too fast and he was only very young. While the other group was being brought back into the right track, my group went to see the local people collecting water from the mountain. After the rain it was running down the mountain and they were using hoses to catch it and take it home as drinking water. Apparently even the locals drink bottled water. Tanya and Damien tasted the water, Tanya said it was very dusty. haha.  I was told that Kath had come off her bike and I was getting really worried, finally she turned up in the second group, and found out she hadn’t come off her bike, she had just run up onto a rock and someone had to come and reverse her off it so she could continue. Phew! We then headed over to the beach on our bikes, a lot of the track was wet from the rain, I had a good time doing skids in the mud. After a brief stop to look at the view, it was time to head back to the hire shop. I had a great time Quad Biking!.

When we arrived back to the resort we showered and changed, as we were filthy from all the dirt and dust. Kath then went and had a lay by the pool and I had a nap. That evening we went into the town to have dinner. Some of the girls wanted to do some shopping, so we arranged a time to meet at the restaurant, and the rest of us went for a drink and to play foosball. Kath had a beer, as they were on special and I had a sprite to calm my stomach.  We played doubles in foosball. I was in the winning pair all 3 games… What can I say I am a natural haha! We then met up with the girls for dinner. We went to a restaurant called The Kitchen, it did Indian, Thai and Chinese food. I had some spring rolls and steamed rice, Kath had egg rice and chicken and steamed rice. The manager kept bringing out heaps of free food, there was naan bread, prawn crackers and deep fried ice cream. We were all stuffed!

We then went back to the pub and 6 of the people in the group, including Kath, had a fish bowl. Its a 2.5L cocktail, put into a large bowl. They all enjoyed that. I chatted to Tanya and Yasser for a while, then we were ready to head home to bed.


On Wednesday, Yasser took us to the beach. There was the coolest boat in the water. It was in the shape of a fish (I told Kath if we get a boat it has to be one like that).  Kath did some snorkelling, and apparently found baby nemo’s and scar fish, and other types of fish. There were only 3 people game enough to get in the water. I just sat on the side and took pictures and watched the jumping fish.

When we got back we had some lunch, sitting in some deck chairs looking out to the Red Sea.  I then went for a nap, so I could make it through the night and hike. Kath decided to read instead. We went for dinner in the resort at 7.30pm. After that Kath decided to have a nap before our meeting at 10pm for our hike. At 10, we headed to the restaurant to meet up to go for our hike, not too many people were overly keen on it (including the two of us). We set off around 10.30pm to go to the mountain. We started our hike around 1am. It was pretty cold, everyone had like 6 layers on, Kath and I just had our jumpers on (our big jackets were in our bags). The hike to the top of the hill was very tiring. It was 7km up hill on rough, rocky, uneven ground and the last km was “stairs”, rocks placed in a row to act like stairs. My ankle played up a fair bit on the hike. The rocks were slippery as there was frost on a lot of them, and all of the puddles were frozen solid. When we finally reached the top, we stopped in the “cafe”, here they hired blankets and mattresses. Thousands of people had clearly used them before us. We just got a blanket. We then had to hike up the last 50 or so stairs to our viewing spot. We did the whole hike in 2 hours 10mins, which is apparently really good time. 1 hour 45 mins without breaks. When we got up there it was freezing! We huddled together under our blanket and tried to have a nap. But one of the boys next to us was snoring so loudly. It was so cold! By the time the sun started to rise we were all over it! Noone wanted to be there anymore. It was so cold my camera stopped working, I had to heat the batteries to get one photo out of it.  Finally we started our decent down the mountain. It was very painful as our toes were numb and it was so much pressure on our joints. On the way down there were lots of people riding camels (lazy people!). This one camel made a very loud nose then spat out its tongue then foamed from the mouth (I think it had rabies – it was really disgusting).  When we reached the bottom of the mountain we had to go into the Monastery and Church. We used the toilets inside the Monastery, they were awful. You had to pay before going inside so you had no idea what was ahead of you. When we got in they were holes in the ground, that you had to squat down to use. It was really bad, as our legs were already jelly from walking 14km, then having in squat and not wet your shoes or jeans was really awkward.  Not to mention the locks on the doors didn’t work so anytime someone could have walked in on you! It was horrible!! We then looked around the Monastery and saw a room of all the bones of monks from around that area, there was a huge cage full on skulls, it was really gross. We also saw the burning bush (it wasn’t actually on fire though).

After we finished in the church and monastery we went back to the bus and made our trip back to Dahab. We are now resting before going out for a final dinner with our tour group.

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